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MooreNews.net is published by Michael Moore, a longtime observer of the impact that culture, politics and daily events can have on communities of all types. During his years as a social worker and community activist in New York City and later as a youth basketball coach, where he won a national championship, Moore grew concerned by how the lack of awareness of cultural changes, political trends and news of the day impinged on both youth and adults ability to succeed in our society. MooreNews.net was borne out of this concern. Moore's vision is to deliver to his readers all the news they need to be informed and succeed in today's constantly changing environment.

MooreNews.net's mission is to deliver all the news you can use from around the world. Our aim is to provide you with a wide variety of topical stories to give you a fuller perspective on the events, issues and people of our time than you can get from any other single source. Throughout the day we will present the most interesting and thought-provoking news and entertainment stories to be found anywhere on the web.

We are also committed to empowering our members to let their voice be heard by providing a mechanism through which they can post articles that are of interest to them and express their views. MooreNews.net provides a platform where our members can reach a wider audience than provided by any other social media or general interest website on the internet today. Simply visit the ‘Got A Story?' tab to submit a story.

While MooreNews.net's goal is to provide opportunities for our members to express themselves by commenting on our stories and posting their own stories, we retain the right to eliminate inappropriate comments as well as the right not to publish stories submitted by readers at our discretion. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a quality experience for all users:

  • We encourage our readers to engage in lively debate and ask that you refrain from posting offensive, obscene, threatening or abusive comments. Any comments containing personal attacks or threats towards others may be removed in MooreNews.net sole discretion. You are fully responsible for libelous or defamatory comments.
  • In no event will MooreNews.net tolerate comments containing racist, homophobic, sexist or any other form of hate-speech commentary.
  • Inappropriate language, including but not limited to, swearing, sexually explicit, insulting, embarrassing and/or use of crude terms for body parts, bodily functions, and physical acts are unacceptable and may be cause for removal of your comments.
  • Comments may not contain spam links or other forms of blatant self-promotion. If we see these types of posts, they will be removed.
  • No inappropriate avatars, images or usernames are allowed. If we see them, they may be removed.
  • No personal contact information may be posted anywhere on the website. Facebook handles are permissible and may be used by users to comment.
  • You may not use a false e-mail address, name or image to impersonate any person or entity to mislead other as to the identity of the commenter.
  • Copying and pasting full articles into the Comment section is strictly forbidden. You are fully responsible for any acts of copyright infringement.

For purposes of clarity, the preceding list is non-exhaustive and the removal of comments or user accounts shall be made in MooreNews.net sole discretion at any time without second chances or warnings. Corrections for errors made in our posts are welcome and appreciated, but please be cordial sending such feedback. Feel free to reach out to us at any time at info@MooreNews.net

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