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Millennial Couple Launches $100 Million Dollar Affordable Housing Initiative

Millennial Couple Launches 100 Million Dollar Affordable Housing Initiative
Date Posted: Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Majesty and Elize are two career-driven individuals who happened to match on a popular dating app. The pair quickly utilized Majesty’s entrepreneurial prowess and Elize’s marketing savvy to launch a successful real estate company. Within their first year of business, their company, INTL Realty Partners, cleared over $1.5 million dollars in revenue. The now-married couple focuses their efforts in property development by serving a greater purpose.

“I want to target metropolitan areas and improve the communities where African Americans reside. If we upgrade the environment, people will elevate their mindsets and make better decisions that serve their best interests,” explained Majesty.

Improving Distressed Areas

Majesty and Elize purchase property and work with local entities to place individuals in need of shelter in the homes. They also hire within the communities they service, creating labor jobs by recruiting individuals who are out of work, yet possess a tremendous amount of skill. This power couple takes pride in not only being able to change neighborhoods through redevelopment, but also the ability to offer opportunities for work experience, fair wages and great treatment in the workplace.

“We can be profitable while still helping as many people as possible. Everybody should play their part, help each other and benefit,” explained Majesty. He believes some of the issues in poorer communities stem from not owning enough land and property, and sees real estate as a major key for change.

Their goal is to inject $100 million dollars into distressed areas to purchase run-down residences and transform them into affordable housing options; their company has already secured $2 million in funding. Elize explained, “We want to eliminate vacant properties all over the nation by filling them with people who need a place to call home; that’s why we launched this initiative. We are all a part of this journey so we’re inviting the world to watch us as we traverse the ups and downs of running a business, maintaining a marriage, giving back to the community and improving the reality of others.”

For more information and to stay updated on the couple’s progress as they reach the $100 million dollar goal, visit www.novacancytv.com

Also, follow them on Instagram @novacancy.tv

Source: blacknews.com

Date Posted: Saturday, March 14th, 2020 , Total Page Views: 615

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