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Nationwide Sting Operation Results In 2,300 Arrests For Child Pornography

Nationwide Sting Operation Results In 2 300 Arrests For Child Pornography

A three-month, nationwide operation targeting individuals suspected of Internet child sex crimes has resulted in the arrest of more than 2,300 people, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

The operation, known as Broken Heart, took place between March and May, according to a Justice Department release.

The operation targeted individuals suspected of variety of online sex crimes, including involvement in child pornography, child sex trafficking and the enticement of children for sexual purposes.

"No child should ever have to endure sexual abuse," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in the release.

Approximately 25,200 sexual abuse complaints were investigated during in the course of the operation, Sessions said. "Any would-be criminal should be warned: this Department will remain relentless in hunting down those who victimize our children."

The operation was coordinated by Internet Crimes Against Children task forces in all 50 states, the release said.

The task forces identified 195 people suspected of either producing child pornography or committing child sexual abuse, the release said.

The task force identified 383 children who suffered sexual abuse or were victimized in the production of child pornography.

Source: usatoday.com

Date Posted: Friday, June 15th, 2018 , Total Page Views: 742

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