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Tyranny, Traitor, Democracy Hater

Tyranny Traitor Democracy Hater



Tyranny, Traitor, Democracy Hater

Impotent men labeled leaders
Are nothing more than bottom feeders

Lining pockets, living high, while millions of people outwardly cry

A charlatan, a con man, nothing more
A childish and ignorant man for sure

Congress remains silent, our country becomes violent
Lies make no sense, including Mike Pence

Restrictions on voting, trust is eroding, tempers exploding, country IMPLODING

Congress, O congress, a shameless mass
A cancer of republicans with no class

Wake up America--Stand your ground
Let's take control now and turn this around

Trump's pattern of madness is no surprise, This man is only defined by lies.

He's erratic, impulsive "whiney little bitch"-using our presidency to get rich

Drain the swamp? Are you for real?
You filled the pool with those who steal.

Insulting our allies, and embracing autocracy
what about supporting DEMOCRACY

We can make America Great
Just deliver us an IMPEACHMENT DATE!



Date Posted: Friday, May 26th, 2017 , Total Page Views: 4822

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