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How Will The NBA's New Collective Bargaining Agreement Affect D-League Salaries?

How Will The NBA s New Collective Bargaining Agreement Affect D League Salaries

The NBA D-League and NBA relationship will strengthen with the implementation of two-way contracts beginning with the 2017-18 season. The NBA and NBPA officially signed the newest collective bargaining agreement which runs through 2024. Here are some of the more important details of the new contracts according to a reliable source.

Who Can Sign a Two-Way Contract?

Anyone with three years or fewer NBA service. The idea is NBA teams should look to develop young players and therefore this restriction is implemented with the contract. This stipulation also falls in line with players who wish to be assigned to the D-League.

How long can a contract be?

Players can sign either one-or-two-year two-way contracts with an NBA team, with the exception of players entering with three years of service (they may only sign a one-year deal). At the end of the contract, the NBA team will have the right to tender a qualifying offer to the player.

How much can a player earn?

According to a source, a player can earn approximately $275,000 per contract if they meet the maximum requirements.

A player on a two-way contract can spend a maximum of 45 days with the NBA team, at which they will earn 1/170 of the rookie minimum contract per day.

A player an NBA team wishes to designate with a two-way contract will receive $50,000 in training camp, a number that is paid by the NBA D-League and is not a salary cap hit against the NBA team. Any player that is signed in camp for more than the $50,000 maximum is not eligible to play for that team’s NBA D-League affiliate.

What happens if a team wants to bring a player up for more than 45 days?

The team may submit a qualifying offer to the individual, at which point they would become a member of the roster.

Is there a deadline to sign two-way contracts?

According to a source, January 15th is the deadline for two-way contracts to be signed each season.

Are regular D-League salaries increasing?

Unfortunately, no. According to the source, only players on two-way contracts will see a salary increase. Those salaries will raise at the discretion of the NBA D-League, since the players sign directly with the league.

Source: d-leaguedigest

Date Posted: Friday, January 20th, 2017 , Total Page Views: 956

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