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From Pastor To Stick-Up Kid

From Pastor To Stick Up Kid

After hearing that a Charlotte pastor was arrested on armed robbery charges, many immediately wrote him off, but his wife is sticking right by his side.

Prophetess Delisa Lindsey says she is “mounting a defense” on behalf of her husband Apostle John Thomas Lindsey.

“Family, your outpouring of love is wonderful and so very refreshing but the time has now come for me to mount my husband's defense,” wrote the first lady of True Love Church of Refuge on Facebook following her spouse’s arrest. “We are preparing a team that is very aggressive and who are experts in their fields.”

Apostle Lindsey was taken into custody Wednesday morning and charged with nine counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, nine counts of conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to Charlotte’s WSOC TV Channel 9.

He is charged in connection with robberies from two Sam's Mart stores, two 7-Elevens, a Family Dollar store and an additional Circle K.

Authorities say drugs were the motive for the crime and further revealed that the church leader has two prior convictions on drug charges dating back to the 1990s.

Requesting that ministry supporters help raise $20,000 for the jailed clergyman’s legal defense, the first lady explained her difficult position.

“I am down to one income as my husband is incarcerated and as God be my Helper, I need my family in the Lord to stand strong by my side,” she said.

Despite the fact that images of Apostle Lindsey in the act have surfaced, his steadfast wife, who frequently shares prophetic messages via social media videos and posts, chooses to focus on her troubled husband’s good qualities.

“This man has been faithful to me, loyal to me, and is my soul mate. I dare not turn my back on him when he needs me the most,” she shared, while continuing her financial plea.

“As a woman determined to save her marriage, her family, and her husband, I turn to you. Help me fight for my husband and as you give, I pray the Lord of all glory to bless you and remember you in your time of need that there be no lack and that your provisions will come forth speedily and without delay in Jesus name. Amen,” concluded the author of multiple books.

At the time of publishing this article, EEW Magazine can confirm that no money has been raised utilizing the designated Paypal link.

Married for 12 years, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey co-founded True Love Church of Refuge back in 2005.

Since the shocking story broke, the ministry has released an official statement on its Facebook page, which reads:

We, the leadership and membership of True Love Church of Refuge, are deeply saddened and disappointed that our leader and brother, John Thomas Lindsey, is facing charges associated with criminal activity. Though we denounce any involvement he may have had, we love him and will continue to pray for him. The ministry will continue to stand strong despite the latest allegations and will continue to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Police were reportedly led to Lindsey by a second man they arrested, 24-year-old Fernando Carillo-Hernandez, who is not affiliated with the church.

He has also been charged with three counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and three counts of conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. Police said he was responsible for three Circle K robberies.

"I know many have questions... join the club, so do I," said Mrs. Lindsey in another message, adding, "In the meantime, I must do what God requires of me and that is to stand beside my husband. I will not walk away from him, I will not abandon him, and I will not run and hide."

Source: eewmagazine.com

Date Posted: Thursday, January 12th, 2017 , Total Page Views: 797

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