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Watch: Pastor Is Confronted During Service For Allegedly Molesting Woman And Her Sister

Watch Pastor Is Confronted During Service For Allegedly Molesting Woman And Her Sister
Date Posted: Monday, November 21st, 2016

We’ve heard of many cases of pastors and priests molesting girls and boys who are put under their spiritual stewardship. Many self-proclaimed men and women of God are taking advantage of helpless children to destroy their lives through illicit s*xual acts. Such scars haunt these children forever yet it appears like these so called pastors never learn.

Now there is a viral video showing a woman confronting a pastor during a Sunday church service. In the video, the woman accuses the pastor of having molested her and her sister. The pastor is visibly shocked to see the woman. He’s evidently confused and unable to handle the situation. The confrontation is so embarrassing that the pastor only speaks calmly before eventually apologizing to her.

The pastor insists he didn’t do whatever the woman was accusing him of. In fact, even his apology only appears more like a way to have the woman calm down.

Last month, another pastor was accused of molesting an Oregon girl before he was later subjected to another investigation in the alleged abuse of his first victim’s sister.

Adair Krack, 67, a pastor at Hoquiam-based First Baptist Church, was charged with child molestation after the 12-year-old victim accused him of abusing her at his Elma home during the summer.

The alleged incident took place during a weeklong bible school. Because of the program, the victim and her sisters were staying with the pastor at his home. Nobody may have thought the pastor would molest any of the girls since he was a “man of God” and a family friend who also appeared to have his dignity. Although he didn’t have any blood relationship with the girls, they considered him their grandfather and even referred to him as “Papa,” says Grays Harbor County Superior Court records.

Why are we letting such things happen? What are spiritual leaders doing to curb such acts? How about parents? Are they trusting too much?

There are far too many cases of children being molested by perceived men of God yet parents still entrust these people with their children. These pastors hide under religion to harm children and they’re so cunning that people don’t realize their intentions until they strike.

Even though it’s wrong to disrespect a man of God, we have not Jesus to know someone’s heart and, therefore, parents have to be more careful to protect their children from hyenas in sheep skin.

Source: allchristiannews.com

Date Posted: Monday, November 21st, 2016 , Total Page Views: 4238

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