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Chris Cuomo and Ted Cruz Come To Blows in Shouting Match On CNN

Chris Cuomo and Ted Cruz Come To Blows in Shouting Match On CNN
Date Posted: Thursday, October 1st, 2020
Chris Cuomo and Ted Cruz came to blows in a lengthy shouting match on CNN on Wednesday night, the crescendo of which was Cuomo reminding Cruz that Trump once called his wife ugly.
The 20-minute argument began when Cuomo asked why Cruz didn't confront Trump over his controversial remarks about Proud Boys, an alt-right group, at Tuesday night's presidential debate.
From there, it descended into Cuomo saying Cruz had watched from the sidelines, 'stroking his beard like a wise man', while the country suffered from COVID-19.
Texas Senator Cruz repeatedly bashed the CNN host's brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, for his handling of the crisis in New York, and called Chris a hypocrite for criticizing the federal response to the pandemic but seemingly giving his brother a free pass.
Towards the end of their clash, Cruz said it was no surprise so few Republicans want to go on the show. He said Trump had 'broken' CNN.
Cruz had gone on the show to promote his new book One Vote Away, which he claims tells the 'inside story' of the Supreme Court.
But as Cuomo bombarded him with questions and insults about everything but the book, Cruz became increasingly exasperated. 
One of the most heated moments of their marathon squabble went as follows;
Cruz: 'It doesn't trouble you at all that New York and New Jersey had the highest [COVID death] rates?'
Cuomo: 'Of course. It all troubles me, Ted! And to watch guys like you stand around and stroke your beard like a wise man instead of telling the President to get on it....
Cruz: 'How about tell your brother to get on it!'
Cuomo: 'Why don't you talk to the president the way you talk to my brother? Are you scared of him? Are you afraid he'll smack you down?'
 I'm talking about the President. The one who called you a liar. The one who said your wife was ugly. That guy.
Cruz: 'Oh yeah, I'm terrified of the Cuomos.'
Cuomo: 'Not the Cuomos. I'm talking about the President. 'The one who called you a liar. The one who said your wife was ugly. That guy. 'The guy now who you won't say anything about.'
Watch the video below:
Cruz: 'You wonder why you don't have a lot of Republicans who want to come on your show...'
Cuomo: 'I have more than any other show.'
Cruz: 'You yell at me, you insult me.'
Cuomo: 'I'm not yelling at you. I am raising your voice to match your own because you want to play games, Ted. And people are dying.'
The pair carried on insulting one another until Cruz wrangled the final minute of the interview to promote his book.
'There's a chapter in my book, One Vote Away, about elections ... I'd just like to say a second about it if I could...' Cruz pleaded.
Cuomo replied: 'I haven't stopped you. Keep talking brother!'   
Clips of the argument have now gone viral and spawned multiple memes. 
CNN viewers predictably declared Cuomo the winner of their spat and said he'd eviscerated Cruz.
'Ted Cruz just got destroyed by Chris Cuomo and it was fantastic to watch,' one viewer quipped.
'I mean, Chris Cuomo absolutely took Ted Cruz's soul and manhood,' said another.
But Cruz's supporters declared him the winner and said his take-down of Cuomo was 'epic'. 
Some said Cuomo behaved like his brother's 'press secretary' and that Cruz is the only person who has called him out on it.
'Thank you @tedcruz for literally being the only person that has EVER brought this up to @ChrisCuomo after all the unethical interviews he did with his brother @NYGovCuomo,' Fox News weather correspondent, Janice Dean, tweeted.
'Chris Cuomo shouldn't be where he is and have the show that he has.
'The fact that he has such a visceral reaction to the mere mention of his brother in a critical way means he's not able to be a journalist, at least covering politics and New York,' another said.

Source: Jennifer Smith/dailymail.co.uk/youtube.com

Date Posted: Thursday, October 1st, 2020 , Total Page Views: 2578

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