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Black Women Answer Trump’s ‘What Do You Have To Lose’ Question In Scathing Open Letter

Black Women Answer Trump s What Do You Have To Lose Question In Scathing Open Letter
Date Posted: Friday, September 4th, 2020

This is an open letter from Black women leaders in response to Donald Trump's question "What do you have to lose?" We are a collective of intergenerational concerned Black women from across the nation. We represent a wide cross-sector of industries throughout America.

We invite Black women and Allies to support this letter and our call to action by signing this petition to stand in solidarity with concerned Black women.

#WinWithBlackWomen #TooMuchToLose

Dear President Trump:

Our consortium of Black women leaders has disrupted the status quo of this election cycle and of society. This week, we have been reminded of the question you asked Black people during the 2016 election: “What do you have to lose?” Our answer, evidenced by increasingly poor economic outcomes, high racial tensions and hate incidents, the coronavirus, and an overall lack of dignity and respect in the White House, is a lot. And for Black women, in particular, it’s too much.

The RNC’s sycophantic rhetoric was intended to repeatedly and delusionally paint a picture of Black life in America that is better off now than it was before the Trump Administration. Your representatives and supporters went so far as to suggest that we have more jobs than ever, that wealth is attainable for all, that if only we “work hard” we can achieve the American dream. They suggested that Black people ought to be content with the benefits the Trump Administration has carved out for us, and blatantly stated that Black people who support you and your “achievement” of a greater America, are free-thinking, while those who challenge this ill-founded, factless rhetoric, are brainwashed.

To add even more insult to injury, the RNC also had a parade of complicit elected officials, members of the Trump family, clergy, and gunfire-threatening-homeowners promise certain Americans safe suburbs, fewer needy immigrants, and a restoration of “traditional” values.

We can assure all those reading this, we are not brainwashed. We can hear your dog whistles, and it is time to set the record straight.

According to the State of Black America, the seminal annual report distributed by the National Urban League, which measures racial equality in America across topics like economics, and health, the overall experience of Black people in America has not improved since you have taken office. In fact, Black households still earn 41% less than White households. Over 60% of the Black population lives below the poverty line. As for jobs, our unemployment rate is still double that of our White counterparts. An Associated Press fact check says that the most progress to Black unemployment occurred in 2010 under the Obama administration, when Black unemployment was at a record low of 7.8%. On your watch, in May 2020, Black unemployment was 16.8%. A recent report by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that 41% of Black-owned businesses were shuttered in April 2020.

Our lives are in constant threat under your Administration. If you are Black in America, you are three times more likely to be shot by the police. In these recent months, as we have faced the deaths of too many Black people, including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and the attempted murder of Jacob Blake, you have shown no empathy for these lives lost or destroyed.

Instead of acting to end police violence, you promise to increase “law and order.” Your Administration ignores the call for real police reform and claims there is no systemic racism in policing. Instead of race-baiting and fear mongering, you should be pushing Mitch McConnell to move on the Justice in Policing Act to help protect Black and Brown lives. And as the nation calls for #JusticeForBreonna, you mock us by giving Daniel Cameron, the Kentucky Attorney General and the man with the authority to bring justice for Breonna -- but has completely failed -- a national spotlight to campaign for your re-election.

The coronavirus, shockingly, almost entirely unmentioned during the RNC, continues to disproportionately rip through our communities – we are dying at two and three times our population share. Black people make up a disproportionate amount of the 180,000 lives lost to this pandemic and you could have prevented many of these deaths. Not to mention, Black women, who were essentially erased at the RNC, face many great risks: we lag behind in life expectancy, and maternal and infant mortality.

And speaking of Black women, you and the GOP can’t seem to refrain from racist, sexist, and defamatory tropes aimed at any of us who dare to oppose your policies and who call on you to do better for America. Just as you attacked Senator Kamala Harris, only hours after her announcement as the Democratic nominee for Vice President. We’ve seen that playbook before. And if you cannot help yourself, know that we will not allow disparaging comments against our sister or any other Black woman elected or running for office to go unchecked.

As we commemorate the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington, our struggle for freedom, jobs, justice, equality, and the opportunity to breathe continues. But despite the setbacks we’ve endured during the Trump Administration, we will not be silent or stand by as you continue to lie and mislead the American people. We call on voters, no matter their background, to join us in setting the record straight and to reject your distracting antics, lies, and attacks. We call on you and the GOP to focus on the crises afflicting the American people and not to insult every American with petty diversions, outright lies, and by sweeping problems under the rug. We call on voters to stand in solidarity with Black women and reject your derogatory sexist, racist rhetoric aimed at undermining our credibility, our character, and our achievements. In return, we vow to continue to uplift the issues most important to our families and our communities, keep our eyes and ears open, and to work to restore what is true, just, and decent to this election and to this monumental time in history. Because it matters – for each and every one of us.


Concerned Black Women Leaders

A Johnson, MD

A'shanti F. Gholar, VA

Aba Blankson, DC

Adamma S. Lotsu, IL

Adelia S. Faison, NJ

Adjoa B. Asamoah, PA

Admas Kanyagia, CA

Adora Andy Jenkins, NY

Adrienne G. Collier MD, MD

Adrienne Lance Lucas, GA

Adrienne White, GA

Aggie Nteta, DC

Aimee Allison, CA

Aimee D. Griffin, MD

Aimee Peoples, DC

Aisha Martin-Walton, CA

Aja Thompson, TX

Alana Jones, AL

Alencia Johnson, DC

Ales Lee, CA

Alex-Handrah Aime, CA

Alexandria Butler, MO

Alexandria Lewis, TN

Alexis M. Mitchell, VA

Alexis McDaniels, NC

Alexis McGill Johnson, NY

Algene Sajery, MD

Alicia Koku, MD

Aliguma Young, GA

Alisha Bell, MI

Alison Crockett, MD

Allie Barnes, CA

Allyson Smith, DC

Alycia Albergottie, SC

Amanda Brown Lierman, MD

Amanda Maass, AZ

Amaris Cockfield, NY

Amber Rasberry, CA

Amber Wade, CA

Ambre Brown Morley, NJ

Amie Osborne, MI

Dr. Amira Ogunleye, FL

Amrita Sawhney, MD

Amy Elisa Jackson, CA

Amy Harrigan, OH

Andrea Alexander, TX

Andrea Grant, VA

Andrea J. Boudreaux, TX

Andrea Pugh-Kelley, FL

Angel Murray, NY

Angela B Turner, CA

Angela Denise Roquemore, VA

Angela Foxworth-Everett, OH

Dr. Angela Harris, GA

Angela Jeffers, CA

Angela Lisa Kimbrough, CA

Angela M Angel, MD

Angela Rye, CA

Angela Sellers, CA

Anita Cooke Wells Wells, DC

Anita James, TX

Anita Simmons, VA

Anita Walker, SC

Anjelica Jones, CA

Anjette Badgett, OK

Ann E Goode, DC

Dr. Anna B. McCall, MD, MD

Annette Niemtzow, NY

Anthony Dee, AZ

Antoinette M. Jackson, TX

Arlene Crawford, IL

Arlene Williams, DC

Arletha Bland-Manlove, MO

Arphelia K. Cabell, MD

Asha Freeman Ervin, TX

Dr. Ashandra Batiste, TX

Ashley Bland Manlove, MO

Ashley Lewis, DC

Ashley Thompson, NY

Asiyah Kurtz, NJ

Audrey L. Woods, OH

Auriana Siplin, LA

Autumn M. Butler, MI

Ayanna. Chance, NC

Barbara Berry, NY

Barbara Bodison, SC

Barbara Patton, SC

Barbara Savage, CA

Barbara T. Graves, VA

Benita Perkins, NC

Bernadette Harvey, DV

Beryl C. Potter, CA

Beth Bishop Cheung, WA

Betty Brown Chappell, MI

Bettye Young Stewart, NC

Rev. Beverly J. Sonnier, GA

BJ Hawkins, CA

Bobette Gillette, DC

Bonita Baldwin Jones, MD

Bonnie Jenkins, DC

Bonnie Rice, GA

Brandi Colander, DC

Brandi Rand, TX

Brandi Wubbena, TX

Brandy C. Dunmeyer, DE

Bre Maxwell, SC

Brenda J. Hammond, DC

Brenda Woods, OH

Briana Booker, MD

Bridget Graham, MI

Brittany Hickbottom, MD

Brittany Packnett Cunningham, DC

Bryna Jean-Marie, NY

Camarrah Morgan, MI

Cameo Cozart-Chance, TN

Camille Mosley, DC

Camonghne Felix, DC

Candace Bond, CA

Candace Weber, LA

Candi Castleberry, PA

Candice Lenoir, CA

Candice Roquemore Bonner, VA

Candyce Simpson, CA

Canika Owen-Robinson, MI

Carmen R. Adams, TX

Carol Blacken, PA

Carol Everhart, TX

Carole D Broussard, LA

Carolyn Parks, GA

Carolyn Veal Hunter, CA

Carolyn Wysinger, CA

Cassandra Alexander-Green, GA

Cassandra Goodwin, NC

Cassandra McClerklin, VA

Cassandra Nelson, DC

Catherine Evans, MD

Catherine Wess Butler, GA

Cathy Yonnne Pitts, AL

Cayla Harrison, VA

CeCe Grant, SC

Cecilia Crenshaw, IL

Celeste Gordon, NY

Celestine Fitzhugh, CA

Charice Williams, NC

Charis Jones, SC

Charlene Myrthil, MD

Charlene Washington, NY

Charlotte Bachus, TN

Charlotte Roquemore, VA

Charlotte Yvonne Reid, MD

Charmion N. Kinder, NY

Chavon Onumah, DC

Chelsea Newton, GA

Chenita W. Gary, MI

Cheryl Benton, DC

Cheryl Cooper, DC

Cheryl James, FL

Cheryl L Janey, VA

Cheryl L. Cozart, PA

Cheryl Plowden, GA

Cheryl Sledge, NC

Cheryl Young, LA

Chimene Grant Saloy, LA

Chiron Benjamin, NY

Chonya Johnson, MD

Christie Savage, SC

Christina Cue, SC

Christina Greer, PhD, NY

Christina Henderson, DC

Christina Jefferson, OH

Christina Junior, MD

Christine Lilly, MD

Christine White, GA

Christine Wright, GA

Chyla Evans, DC

Ciera Campbell, FL

Cindy Helen Brea, NY

Cindy Nell, MD

CL Williamson, GA

Clareice Chaney, DC

Clarice Hayslett, MD

Claudia Jones, MD

Clyneice Chaney, DC

Dr. Colita Fairfax, VA

Comelia R. Sanford, DC

Connie Stewart, CA

Cora Masters Barry, DC

Corin Killins, OR

Cornelia R. Gipson, TN

Courtney Gardner, CA

Dr. Crystal Brown-Voeltz, SC

Crystal Lander, MD

Cydni Rice, MN

Cydny A. Neville, VA

Cynthia Adams, CA

Cynthia B. Ashford, MD

Cynthia Lucas, PA

Cynthia Oredugba, CA

D'shawna Bernard, MD

D’Angela Proctor, CA

Damali Totress, DC

Dana Belton, MI

Daniella Gibbs Léger, DC

Danielle Costley, MD

Danielle June Edwards, OH

Danielle M. Brown, NY

Danielle M. Jennings, VA

Danielle Odom, SC

Danielle Veira, IL

Danielle Vinson, SC

Darrielle Stinson, MI

Davina Walker, CA

Dawanna Williams, NY

Dawn Staley, SC

Dawn Taylor, DC

Dawn Teagle, TX

Deanna Moss, NC

Debbie W. Galiber, DC

Deborah Bailey, OH

Deborah Gibbs, NC

Deborah R. Mack, MD

Deborah Scott, GA

Deborah Young, MD

Debra Burris, OK

Debra D. Battin, NM

Debra L. Mars, CA

Debra Lynn qurtman, CA

Debra Ray, CA

Decobia Lambert, TX

Dee C. Marshall, NJ

Dee McClain Smith, TN

Deirdre Garrett-Scott, NY

Deitra Atkinson, NV

DeLishia A Davis, VA

Delishia Porterfield, TN

Delores Gibson-Mitchell, CA

Delyn Owen-Robinson, MI

Demarra West, MI

Denée Thomas Mwendwa, MD

Denise Barton, MI

Denise Lilly, IL

Denise McCain, MD

Denise Pines, CA

Denise Young Smith, CA

Denita S. Dorsey, MI

Deshundra Jefferson, VA

Desiree Peterkin Bell, NY

Desiree Young, LA

Deveta Gardner, MI

Devilla D. Knight, CA

Diana Walker, IL

Diane Cottrell, IL

Diane Greene, NY

Diane Robertson, CA

Diane Williams, MD

Dianna Campbell, MD

Dina Curtis, DC

Dionne M. McLean, TN

Donna Brazile, DC

Donna Smith, MD

Donnie Taylor-Jefferson, VA

Doreen Gardner, MI

Dorian D Sanders, DC

Dorothy Kret, AZ

Duchess Harris, MN

Dy Brown, DC

E. Jean Simmons, MD

Ebonie Riley, DC

Ebony Beckford, NY

Ebony Young, SC

Edda Collins Coleman, CA

Edrea Davis, GA

Ekundayo Akinloye, CA

Elaine Reese, TN

Elaine Stubblefield, OH

Elayna Rucker, MD

Dr. Eldrid Herrington, MD

Elisha P. Gillis, MD

Elizabeth Badger, CA

Elizabeth Thompson, DC

Ellen Woods, NJ

Ellena Balkcom, GA

Elsie Cardell, IL

Elsie Scott, Ph.D., DC

Emma Hunter, CO

Emmalesha Christman, MD

Enaj Leotaud, Esq., CA

Eraka Bath, CA

Erica Brown, AZ

Erica Ford, NY

Erica King, GA

Erica McLeod, SC

Erica Savage Wilson, DC

Ericka Gibson, NC

Ericka Taylor, MI

Erika Asikoye, MD

Erika Lewis, NY

Erika Martin Bolden, CA

Erin Aarsvold, CA

Eris Sims, DC

Esther D. Coleman, DC

Eugena Anderson, CA

Eulette Arrington-Harris, IL

Evangeline Downey, CA

Eve Ellis, NY

Eve Turner, IL

Dr. Everlena Holmes, TN

Eya Touglo, CA

Fahizah Alim, CA

Felicia Davis, GA

Felicia Hall Allen, SC

Felicia Harvey, FL

Finisha Woodson, DC

Flo McAfee, VA

Francesca Hogi, CA

Francine Bell, IL

Frankie Lawrence, MD

Fred Jackson, NY

Fredericka Conner, NJ

Gabrielle Gueye, DC

Gail Coles Johnson, MD

Gail E Wyatt, PHD, CA

Gayle J. Brown, VA

Gayle Saunders, OH

Geraldine Barr, SC

Geraldyne E. Barbour, NC

Gertrude Wooten, IL

Gina Anderson, MD

Gina Eleane Wood, VA

Giselle Phelps, NY

NC Senator Gladys A Robinson, PhD, NC

Glenda A. Gill, MI

Gloria Feimster, NC

Gloria Gilliam, NC

Gloria Gravlin, VA

Gloria P. Foster-Wimbley, MI

Glynda C. Carr, NY

Glynis Cassis, CT

Griselda S. Clark, NC

Guendalina Shaw-Pieters, NC

Gwen C. Carter, LA

Gwen Jefferson Skinner, NY

Gwen McCall, MD

Gwendolyn Black, NY

Gwendolyn Desantos, CA

Gwendolyn Hooker, DC

Gwendolyn Ivory Robinson, OH

Gwendolyn S. King, DC

Gwendolyn V. Jenkins, NJ

Gwendolyn Wells-Hill, NJ

Harrine Freeman, DC

Hassanatu Savage, DC

Dr. Hazel N. Dukes, NY

Heather Needham, CA

Helen R. Williams, MI

Helen Butler, GA

Helen Holton, MD

Helen Raynor, CA

Heni Underwood, NC

Hillary Baltimore, MD

Holli Holliday, MO

Ifeoma Ike, Esq., NY

Ifraj Muhammad, VA

Imani Bordeaux, DC

Imani Dru Robinson, NJ

Imani Greene, MD

Inga Willis, GA

Ingrid Palmer, CA

Iris Joi Hudson, GA

Iris Savage, TX

Ivadele M. Cotton, MI

Jackie Bazan, NJ

Jacqueline Bright, IL

Jacqueline Chappelle, MD

Jacqueline G. Parker, OH

Jacqueline Holmes , CA

Jacqueline Jones, MD

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Long, MO

Jacqueline L. Carrington Brown, NJ

Jacqueline Nickelberry, NY

Jacqueline Pelt, MD

Jacqueline Poku, MI

Jaime Coffen, MD

Jalisia Davis, NC

Jamila K. Taylor, VA

Jan Campbell, NC

Janet Adams, CO

Janet Hind, NY

Janet Miller Evans, CA

Janice L. Mathis, DC

Janice E. McCollom, SC

Janice Raiford, NY

Janice Tramel, CA

Janis Shelton, GA

Jann Dash, TN

Jannelle Weakly, AZ

Jasmin Williams, GA

Jasmine Brito, NY

Jeanné Lewis, DC

Jeannie Franklin, MD

Jené Baldwin, MI

Jenifer R. Daniels, MI

Jennifer B, TX

Jennifer Clyburn Reed, Ed.D, SC

Jennifer Grant, MD

Jennifer Jones, DC

Jennifer M. Stewart, VA

Jennifer McConnell, SC

Jennifer S. Roberts, MD

Jennifer Theard McHenry, CA

Jerika L. Richardson, NY

Jeroline Goree, MI

Jerri Hines, FL

Jessica Bright, SC

Jessica Brown, DC

Jessica DeTiege, LA

Jessica Moss, NC

Jessica Rhau, DC

Jewel Love, SC

Joan K. Finger, SC

Joan Miller, MO

Joan Woodard, OH

Jocelyn Campbell, DC

Jocelyn R. Coleman, CA

Jodie Draine, GA

Jodie Draine, TX

Jody Davis, MD

Johanny Adames, DC

Johnine N. Clark, MD

Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, DC

Johnte Archer, TX

Joi Olivia Chaney, DC

Joigie Hayes Tolson, DC

Jolene Ivey, MD

Joni Taylor, GA

Jonora K. Jones, NC

Jordan Donalds, CA

Jordana Moore Saggese, PhD, MD

Jotaka Eaddy, DC

Joyce King, MD

Joyce M. Rose-Harris, SC

Joycelyn Harrison, VA

Juana Guichardo, NY

Julie A. Bayley, NY

Juliette Collins, OH

Junie Janette Harris, CA

K. Fuller, OH

Kailee Scales, NJ

Kamillah Bryant, NY

Kamina Gates, CO

Kandice Cole, TX

Kandie D. Smith, NC

Dr. KaNisha Hall, TX

Kara B. Turrentine, TN

Kara Simmons, SC

Karen A. Robinson, MA

Karen Brailsford, CA

Karen Carter Peterson, LA

Karen Coronel, NY

Karen Fields-Lever, IL

Karen Finney, DC

Karen Freeman, MD

Karen M. Dyer, NC

Karen M. Hendricks, JD, MD

Karen Maria Alston, DC

Karen Mulhauser, DC

Karen Peterkin, CT

Karen R. Calmeise, MD

Karen Renz, CO

Karen Thompson, GA

Karen Weaver, MI

Karen Webster, M.D., CA

Karen Wishart, MD

Kat Ford, GA

Kathryn Gordon, AZ

Katiti Crawford, CA

Katrina Postell, SC

Kavita Smith, CA

Keianna Dixon, NY

Keiko DeLille, Fl

Keisha Moore, CA

Keisha Smith-Jeremie, NY

Kela McClure, TX

Kelley Tipton, PA

Kelli Burroughs, TX

Kelli Coleman, MI

Kellie Todd Griffin, CA

Kelly Martinez, CA

Kenya T. Parham, CA

Keshia Aiken, SC

Kevin McWhorter, CA

Kezmiché Atterbury, DC

Khalia Peterkin, PA

Khalilah P. Taylor, TX

Kheli R. Willetts, TX

Kia L. Matthews, SC

Kim Alfonso, DC

Kim Bookard, DC

Kim Moss, MD

Kim Patterson, NY

Kim Sinkford, DC

Kim Stevens, PA

Kim Warren, NY

Kimber Smith, CA

Kimberley Woodruff, MO

Kimberly A Hulsey, MD

Kimberly Brown Oredugba, CA

Kimberly Evans Paige, GA

Kimberly J. August, GA

Kimberly Lincoln, MI

Kimberly Marks, PA

Kimberly N. Morgan, CA

Kimberly S. Varner, MD

Kimberly Selden, VA

Kimberly Swint, NJ

Kimberly Thomas, TX

Kimberly Weaver, NC

Kimelle Ash, NJ

Kirea Williams, MD

Kisha Beard, TX

Kobi Brinson, NC

Kolieka Seigle, CA

Krista Marshall, NC

Kristen D. Barr, MD

Krystina White, VA

Krystyll Gardner, NC

Kyletia Quick, PA

Kynderly Haskins, CA

Kyree Clarke, DC

Lacey Leonard, Ca

Lagra Newman, TN

Laila Riazi Kermani, MD

Lailetha Woods, TX

LaKeia Carter, PA

Lalanya Abner, DC

Lana Rasberry, CA

Lanisha Hannah, MI

LaSandra McGhee, GA

Lashelle Scott, TX

Latasha Wilson, PA

Dr. LaTonya Woodson-Mayfield, TX

LaTosha Brown, GA

LaToya Arthur, MI

LaTrece Cash, MI

Latrece Hindsman, MO

Latricia Dawkins, OK

Lauren Harper, SC

Lauren Thomas, NY

Laverne Greathouse Fisher, OH

LaVonn Reedy Thomas, MD

LaWanda Hughes , GA

Leah D. Daughtry, DC

Lee Kathryn Gash-Maxey, CO

Leia Mandeville, NJ

Leigh M. Chapman, DC

Lenora Eaddy, SC

Leondra Taylor, CA

LeRosa V. Brown, FL

Leslie Dowdell Cannon, IL.

Leslie Simmons, MD

Lezli Levene Harvell, NJ

Licia A. Green, TX

Linda Early Brown, LA

Linda King, NC

Linda Mercado Greene, DC

Linda Norton, SC

Linda Washington, VA

Lindsey Granger, CO

Lisa Bolden, DC

Lisa C. Oliver, GA

Lisa Carter, OH

Lisa Cortes, NY

Lisa E. Davis, NJ

Lisa Edmiston, NY

Lisa Fischer, NY

Lisa Izzo, SC

Lisa Landry Taylor, CA

Lisa Mallory, DC

Lisa Thomas, NJ

Lisa Ward, NY

Lisa York Bowman, GA

Lisann Gould, CA

Lita Gaithers Owens, CA

Lizabeth Eva Rossof, CO

Lonias Gilmore, MI

Lorethea B. Spencer, IL

Lori Menzie, MI

Lori White, MD

Lori White, MD

Lorraine Foxworth, CA

Lovie Tabron, GA

Lydia Cole, MD

Lydia Robinson, DC

Lydia Waters Thomas, MD

Lyndsay Christian, TX

Lynette Castille-Hall, CA

Lynette Perry-Baker, CA

Lynn Cannady, NY

Lynn Henderson Harris, NC

Lynn Johns, MD

Lynn Williams, CA

Lynne Joy Rogers, OH

Lyric Swinton, SC

Madlin Edmonds, VA

Madonna Marable, OH

Makese Taylor, MI

Dr. Mamie Hayes Hartwell, SC

Marcel Moore, PA

Marcel Moore, PA

Marcia O. Payne, Esq., VA

Marcia Taylor, IL

Marcia Teagle, MD

Margie Scott, LA

Maria Harsha Wusu, GA

Maria North-Morgan, MO

Marie Powell, GA

Marilyn B. Hardin, MD

Marilyn Charity, DC

Marilyn Williams, CO

Marissa Nance, CA

Marjorie Arneva Moseley, OH

Marjorie Menard, VA

Marlene L. Swancy, CA

Marlo Stroud, CA

Mary E. Rollins, CA

Mary Hogan Carter, LA

Mary Myers, OH

Mary Rodney , LA

Maurita Coley, DC

Maxine Davis, TX

Maya Grace Slaughter, SC

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, MD

Maya H. Brown, MD

Megan Pinckney, SC

Melanie Campbell, VA

Melanie Gobourne, DC

Melissa Pearson, NY

Mellenee Miller, TX

Melleretha Moses-Johnson, MI

Melody Beckles, VA

Mercedes Williams, IL

Sen. Mia McLeod, SC

Mia Woodard, DC

Michaela Green, CA

Michele V. Hagans, DC

Michelle Billie, SC

Michelle Clark, NC

Michelle Cooper, TX

Michelle D. Bernard, MD

Michelle DuBois, MD

Michelle Essomé, UK

Michelle Kelley, NC

Michelle Levy, FL

Michelle R. Cobb, DC

Michelle Rush, MD

Michelle S. Davis, NY

Michelle T. Higgs, MD

Michelline Cooper Williams, SC

Mikki Taylor, NJ

Mildred Vanderpuije, SC

Millicent Traeye Middleton, SC

Minyon Moore, DC

Miranda Schubert, AZ

Miriam Cash, DC

Mitzi Miller, GA

Modupe Akinloye-Smith, GA

Moira Griffin, LA

Mona Terrell Wallace, PA

Monica Aaron, NC

Monica Barnes, FL

Monica Owens, SC

Monica Weeks, NJ

Monifa Tosi Gilford, AL

Monique Pressley, DC

Monique Taylor, MI

Muthoni Wambu Kraal, DC

N Gwen Pope, NY

Nadia A. Conyers, VA

Naima J. Keith, CA

Nakisha M. Lewis, DC

Nancy Weaver, PA

Nataki Green, VA

Natasha Abraham, SC

Natasha Cook, DC

Natasha Mathes, NJ

Natasha Smith, VA

NC Senator Gladys A Robinson, PhD, NC

Nelfred Blanding, VA

Nevaina G. Rhodes, PA

Ngozi Ruth Agwuna, MD

Nia Miranda Duxkett, CA

Dr. Nichét James-Gray, CA

Nicol Turner Lee, DC

Nicolaine Lazarreres, NY

Nicole A. Matthews, D.O., PA

Nicole Bernard, DC

Nicole Hauge, CA

Nicole Lamb, FL

Nicole Neal, TX

Nicole O. Leonard, DC

Nicole R. Bean, GA

Nicole Williams, MD

Nikki McCray Purkett, NC

Nina Smith, CA

Nkeshi Free, DC

Noluthando Crockett-Ntonga, MD

Norlisa Ashton, MD

Nyesha Weaver, NC

Olive Durant, NY

Olivia B. Hilton, MD

Olufunke Adefemi, MD

Ouida Hudgins, TN

Pamela Baker, CA

Pamela Blackman, IL

Pamela L. Pugh, MI

Pamela Law-Hollis, FL

Pamela V. McNeil, CA

Pasha Kelly, VA

Patrice Willoughby, DC

Patricia Curtis, NY

Patricia Andrews-Keenan, IL

Patricia C. Andress, CA

Patricia Cooper Bouyer, TX

Patricia Davis, MI

Patricia Donkor, DC

Patricia Everett, TX

Patricia J. Horne McGee, MI

Patricia Marks, PA

Patricia Parker, NM

Patricia R. Washington, MD

Patricia Whitsett, NY

Paula Bachman-Williams, AZ

Paula Khalea Queen, MD

Paula Puryear, CA

Paulette Clark-Norfleet, CT

Pearl K. Dowe, Ph.D., GA

Peggy Broussard Wheeler, CA

Peggy Lewis, Ph.D., MD

Perri Sanders, CO

Petricia Wilson, NJ

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CA

Philisea Matthews, SC

Phyllis E. Factor, AZ

Phyllis Marshall, CA

Phyllis Ratliff, OH

Poppy Hanks, CA

Portia Rogers, CA

Precious Ali, MO

Qiana Conley, CA

Rachel Noerdlinger, NJ

Rae Robinson Trotman, DC

Rahna Epting, MD

Rajoielle Register, MI

Randi Smith, NJ

Raneisha Holmes, SC

Raquel Dufauchard, LA

Rasheeda Garner, CA

Rasheedah Thomas, DC

Rashida Tyler, NY

Rebekah Caruthers, DC

Rebekka Hughes, MI

Rev. Dr. Regena Thomas, NJ

Regina Clay, MD

Dr. Regina Langley, NJ

Rehva D. Jobes, DC

Dr. Rema Reynolds Vassar, MI

Rene Rawls, CA

Rene Redwood, DC

Renee Brown, NY

Renee Floyd, NJ

Reuquiyah Saunders, MI

Rhiannon Childs, OH

Rhonda Briggins, GA

Rhonda M. Stubbs, NY

Rhonda Shirley, MS

Rita L. Scott, SC

Robbi Stiell, FL

Robbye McNair, IL

Robin Britt, NJ

Robin Harrison, CA

Robyn Mattison, CA

Robyn Watson, GA

Robynne Lucas, PA

Ronda Alexander, MA

Dr. Ronia Baker, Fl

Rosalind Moore, CA

Rosalind Stevenson, CA

Rosalyn L. Glenn, SC

Rosalyn R. Neal, NJ

Rosalyn Rice-Harris, MD

Rose David, TX

Rose Tanks, OH

Roselle L. Wilson, PhD., SC

Rowena Shurn, DC

Ruth Gilliam Phillips, NC

S. Kathryn Allen, Esq., DC

S. Mitchell, IL

Sabrathia Draine Ishakwue, DC

Sabrina Cofield, NV

Minister Sabrina Murphy, GA

Sade Awe, TX

Safiya Jafari Simmons, DC

Saleah McFadden, SC

Samantha Pugh, NY

Sandhya Rajan, MD

Sandi Jackson, DC

Sandi Pruitt, GA

Sandra Hood-Magwood, MD

Sandra White, CA

Sara Dennis, NY

Sara Hunsaker, CA

Sarah Anthony, MI

Senator Nikema Williams, GA

Seymone Killins, LA

Shacoya Young, NY

Shaina Morrison, CA

Shamar Bibbins, MI

Shambulia Gadsden Sams, MD

Shamika Dowell, MD

Shanesja Burroughs, GA

Shanikia Newman, GA

Shannon Leon, FL

Shantell E Smith, SC

Sharmaine McCoy, VA

Sharon Anderson, MD

Sharon Brown, TX

Sharon Diggs-Jackson, CA

Sharon R. Robinson Goods, DC

Sharon Sanders Brooks, MO

Sharon Thomas Parrott, IL

Sharrelle Barber, PA

Shaundra Young Scott, Esq., SC

Shauntina Hutchinson, PA

Shawna Reaves, GA

Sheereen Russell, NJ

Sheila Dorsey-Smith, MI

Sheila Girard, NJ

Shelley Franklin, DC

Dr. Shelley J. Hamler, OH

Shellie Olds-Johnson, GA

Shelly Pollard, MD

Sherrese Clarke Soares, NJ

Sherri Killins Stewart Ed.D, CT

Sherrie Snipes-Williams, SC

Sheyda Tribble, DC

Shiela Harmon-Martin, DC

Shirley Doctor, SC

Shirley Henry, GA

Shirley Joshua, NY

Shirley Kiel, NC

Shirley Kool, NC

Shirley Thompson, FL

Shona Espinoza, MI

Sijay Matsinye, MD

Sojourner Marable Grimmett, GA

SongoLaye Akinloye, CA

Sonja Baris, MA

Sonya D Lockett, CA

Sonya Ede-Williams, CA

Stacey Ferguson, MD

Staci Adams, DC

Staci Hallmon, NJ

Stacie Scott, DC

Stacie Y.L. Mills, MD

Star Jones, IL

Stefani Roberson, CA

Stephanie Cozart Burton, CA

Stephanie Exum, NC

Stephanie Mickle, FL

Stephanie Minor-Harper, DC

The Honorable Stephanie Moore, MI

Dr. Stephanie Myers, DC

Stephanie R. Kelly, CA

Stephanie Stewart, MD

Stephanie Wemusa, CA

Stephanie Wiggins, VA

Suezette Yasmin Robotham, NY

Susan C. Bevel, NJ

Susan Richardson, TN

Susan Saunders McKenzie, Esq., DC

Suzanne Brooks, MD

Sybia Roberson, TN

Symone Wilkes, MI

Syretta Lett, CA

T. Renee Williams, TX

Tahnda Bailey, CA

Tai Turner, VA

Taisha Brown, CA

Talia R. Boone, CA

Tamara Crawford, NY

Tamara Gregory, CA

Tamara McCants, DC

Tamara Rasberry Harris, CA

Tamarah L. Davis, OH

Tameika Isaac Devine, SC

Tameka M. Ramsey, MI

Tameka Woodberry, SC

Tamika Davis, MI

Tamika L. Henderson, NC

Tamika Mallory, NY

Tamika Rice, NJ

Tamisha Raqib, MD

Tamla Roberts, CA

Tammy Clark, GA

Tammy Dunmeyer, SC

Tammy Stevens, MD

Tana Casimiro, CA

Tanaka Vercher, TN

Tangy C. Morgan, UK

Tanisha Hicks, TX

Dr. Tanisha Richmond,DPM, OH

Tanja Walker, NJ

Tanya Elaine Hamilton, CA

Tanya Hart, CA

Tanya M. Odom, NY

Tanya M. Roberts, CA

Tanya M. Watkins, TX

Tanya Malcolm-Revell, DE

Tara DeVeaux, CA

Tara Young, MI

Tarrah Cooper Wright, IL

Tauevie Roberson, TX

Terri Anderson, GA

Terri Broussard Williams, TX

Terri Carmichael Jackson, TN

Terrolyn P. Carter, NC

Terry Sharpe, NY

Thelma Harris, CA

Therese Brittny Bass, NY

Tia Farmer, MD

Tiana Palmer, DC

Tiffani Davis, MD

Tiffany Barnes, CA

Tiffany James, SC

Tiffany Morrison, CA

Tiffany Ragin, MD

Tiffany Telemaque, NJ

Tiffini Gatlin, GA

Tiffinni A. Young, TX

Tisa Whack, SC

Toi Salter, IL

Toni D. Ross, NC

Tonya Bailey, TX

Tonya McKenzie, CA

Tonya Murphy, PA

Tonya R Jordan, DC

Tonya Williams, VA

Dr. Tonya Y. Willingham, AR

Toshana Daley, NC

Trachelle C. Young, MI

Tracie Dobbins, DC

Tracy Boleware, NC

Tracy Callicoatte Page, CA

Tre'Shonda Sheffey, CA

Tricia Burgess, SC

Tricia Harris, GA

Trinetta M. Gray, LA

Trinice Harmon, SC

Ty Williams, VA

Tyreisha Foster, CA

Ursula Ballard, VA

V. Joy Simmons MD, CA

Valata Jenkins-Monroe, CA

Valda Crowder, MD, DE

Valdimir Rice, NC

Valeria Allen, DC

Valerie Boggan, MI

Valerie Montague, MD

Valerie Ray, CA

Valerie Toler, CA

Vanessa Shephard, FL

Vanessa Spencer, CA

Venetia Sims, MI

Verna Bickerstaff, DC

Vernonia Carter, AL

Veronica Lisbon, PA

Vicki Davis Williams, SC

Vickie Sims, OH

Vickie Taylor, DC

Vicky L Free, NC

Vivian Anderson, SC

Vivian Owens, MD

Vivian Shimoyama, CA

Vondale Davis Mack, MD

Wahida Taylor, NY

Waikinya Clanton, MD

Wanda Green, MD

Warrenetta Crawford Mann, SC

Weintana L. Abraha, CA

Wendy Berry, CA

Wendy Summerlin, MO

Whitney Darensburg, LA

Willie Mae Hubbard.MD, TN

Winifred Carson-Smith, Esq., DC

Winifred Yancy, CA

Winnie Sabbat, CA

Xiomara Metcalfe, MD

Yaminah Shabazz, VA

Yetta Banks, NJ

Yolanda Carnes, IL

Yolanda H. Caraway, DC

Yolanda Rodgers, PA

Yvette R. Workman, MD

Yvonne Gates, CO

ZeNata Donaldson, SC

Zina Slaughter, CA

Zola Mashariki, CA

Zuhairah Washington, MD

Source: change.org

Date Posted: Friday, September 4th, 2020 , Total Page Views: 2798

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