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Watch: LeBron Speaks Eloquently About Nipsey Hussle's Death

Watch LeBron Speaks Eloquently About Nipsey Hussle s Death
Date Posted: Monday, April 8th, 2019
From one relatively new Los Angeles legend (via Cleveland), to one recently deceased hometown hero… the love and admiration is real, and readily apparent.

LeBron James sat down with local Los Angeles news station CBS 2 over the weekend to discuss Nipsey Hussle, the rapper’s sudden and tragic death, and the legacy the man leaves behind in south Los Angeles — and it’s clear that even though LeBron has only been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers for a short period of time, he clearly already had a LOT of respect for Nipsey.
As you can see (above), LeBron had no shortage of words both to honor Nipsey, and to talk about the legacy the rapper left behind. It’s pretty interesting to hear him tell it, though, because LeBron also opens up quite a bit in that video clip about how tragic it was that Nipsey was killed in his own neighborhood — by somebody who, as Bron put it, didn’t have the same motivation and drive as the rapper did to make it out and do something good with his life.

The NBA star talks so passionately and extensively about the subject, it almost makes you wonder whether LeBron has experienced people from his own hometown of Akron, Ohio calling him out and hating on him for some of the same reasons as this alleged shooter may have apparently been down on Nipsey. The Lakers star came from his own impoverished, difficult background in his Ohio hometown, too, so suffice to say he’d likely know at least a little bit about what Nipsey may have been going through, and the challenges the rapper had been facing when trying to go back into his community and live there just as he had growing up.
The whole thing is a tough situation, of course, but it speaks volumes about what Nipsey meant as a human being to those around him that NBA superstars like LeBron James are taking time out of their schedules to speak so passionately and openly about the L.A. legend. If nothing else, hopefully, we can all at least learn something from this tragedy and continue to be better people tomorrow and beyond.
Watch what LeBron James had to say:

Source: perezhilton.com

Date Posted: Monday, April 8th, 2019 , Total Page Views: 1250

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