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Watch: Officer Suspended After Using Racist Taunts

Watch Officer Suspended After Using Racist Taunts
Date Posted: Monday, March 18th, 2019
A police officer in San Antonio, Texas, has been suspended suspended indefinitely after footage obtained by KSAT’s investigative team revealed he used the n-word multiple times while arresting a young black man.
After 24-year-old Dewaxne Robinson was asked to leave a San Antonio mall by security guards, San Antonio Police Department officer Tim Garcia and his partner were dispatched to the scene, reports KSAT.
After asking for his ID, officers threw Robinson to the ground and handcuffed him, as Herrera berated him with racist slurs. After Robinson questioned why he was being arrested, Herrera questioned his upbringing.
“You know what’s bulls***? The way you were raised is bulls***.”
Robinson said his arm was being twisted, referring to Garcia as “n***a.” Garcia mockingly retorted, “N****? Do I look like your n****? Say it right. Put an ‘r’ at the end. If you’re going to say it, don’t call me n****. I ain’t your n****.”
Robinson asked why he was getting arrested, and Garcia said, “For being a f***ed up n****.”
“F*** you, too. Here, here, this is the police telling you f*** you. How do you like that?”
A department review of the incident prompted leadership to conclude that Garcia had not acted appropriately. “I did observe Officer Garcia use vulgar language in a manner that was unnecessary,” a Sergeant concluded.
Watch video from the officers own body cam below:

Source: Dewaxne Robinson, Tim Garcia

Date Posted: Monday, March 18th, 2019 , Total Page Views: 1425

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