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Should Pastors Be Allowed To Choose Sides In Politics?

Should Pastors Be Allowed To Choose Sides In Politics
Date Posted: Sunday, April 8th, 2018

One question that many have been asking is whether it’s okay for pastors to be involved in politics. Many of them who take political sides often justify their actions, saying they’re doing so because politics shape the lives of their congregants and so they must stand strong in agitating for their interests.

The same question about politics is now being asked about two prominent Detroit pastors, Rev. Oscar King, former president of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit, and Bishop Charles Ellis of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. On Wednesday, February 28, the two pastors expressed their support for Gretchen Whitmer who’s in the gubernatorial race for Michigan state.

Some social media users have accused Bishop Charles Ellis of not having the interest of his community at heart. Such critics are saying so because they believe Whitmer isn’t interested in the good of the community.

One Facebook user asked, “Why is it Bishop Ellis consistently involved in local and state politics in the state of Michigan? Why is Bishop Ellis using the church to force good minded church followers to support political candidates that do not follow the Word of God? Why is Bishop Ellis forcing church members into hypocrisy against the faith they believe? Bishop Ellis like many other church owners in our great city continues to use the Word of God and God’s house to exploit church members to support political candidates. Either you support the Lord or you support Satan. Bishop Ellis chooses Satan over God, and he, the Bishop, is taking church members down the path of damnation.”

But then people have different opinions on the issue. There are those who believe it’s within the Bishop’s right to support a candidate of his choice.

“In my opinion, it is perfectly permissible for Bishop Ellis to publicly endorse the candidate he supports. People have the opportunity to do their research on the candidates and the issues and make an informed choice at election time.” the anonymous user said.

On the other hand, some people say it’s wrong to be involved in politics, insisting that Christians should follow the example of Jesus. Jesus, they say, wouldn’t support a political candidate because “He understands the origin of the governments of this world and who is behind them,” said another user.

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Source: allchristiannews.com

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