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Is America More Respected Now Than Under Obama's Leadership?

Is America More Respected Now Than Under Obama s Leadership
Date Posted: Thursday, December 21st, 2017

America’s reputation is in the toilet due to your new President…

Obama may have ordered drone strikes but he had policies, was sharp, funny, clever, cool, good-looking, a sharp dresser, played basketball, could laugh at himself… etc…

Trump is so disgustingly terrible… Sooooo self-centred, self-interested, self-aggrandising, self-promoting… self delusional… You get the picture…

Not to mention: Emoluments, vested interests, SO. MUCH. GOLF! lack of financial transparency, terrible business practices, multiple bankruptcies, pussy grabbing, law suits, sh*tty University, crappy Trump steaks, China-made-everything Trump… and of course so much evidence the Russians own him…

Oh and a total lack of Policies! (other than destroying the Affordable Care Act, cutting taxes for the rich, BS about building a wall, and Muslim travel bans)

It’s shocking to meet people who support him… It drains the air out of the room when some American (or Canadian!?!) abroad says they voted for him/support him or think he will do a good job because he is a successful businessman (What?)

(Thankfully most Trump voters don’t seem to own a passport)

American hasn’t been such a joke since W was in power… (And Trump is actually making him look like a great President!)

Except that the joke isn’t a funny joke… It feels a little scary to be in the world when a thin-skinned man-child with possible dementia is in control of the nuclear codes…

I think this pretty much sums up how the rest of the world feels about Trump being President…

I just hope they find something good in the Russia Probe… and Soon!

I’m hoping for a Kushner plea bargain that serves Trump on a platter…

Bonus round:

Trump's tax plan… In response to a comment about how Trump isn’t selfish because he’s looking after the people who live in this country…

Yeah, the ones who earn half to a full Million per year… and are worth more than $5 million…

Source: quora.com

Date Posted: Thursday, December 21st, 2017 , Total Page Views: 3102

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