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Court Records Show Kidnapped Girl Was Entitled To Over $300K But Its Unknown If The Money Is Still Available

Court Records Show Kidnapped Girl Was Entitled To Over 300K But Its Unknown If The Money Is Still Available
Date Posted: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Court documents filed in Duval County provide more details into the settlement Kamiyah's birth mother received to settle a lawsuit against the hospital where her baby was snatched back in 1998.

According to what were initially confidential settlement documents, the University Hospital settled all claims for negligence and failed security for 1.9 million dollars. But the June 2000 settlement documents came with a special provision.

The agreement says that 1.2 million dollars was paid to Kamiyah's birth mother, Shanara Mobley, and her attorneys. A remaining $725,000 was put into an annuity to pay Shanara approximately $3,000 a month for the rest of her life.

But there was also money put aside for Kamiyah. $307,000 was to be used to purchase a fund on behalf of Kamiyah Mobley. These funds were to be paid to her if she is located alive and properly identified through DNA tests by July 10, 2016-- Kamiyah's 18th birthday. If not, the funds were to be paid to Shanara Mobley directly.

But nine years later, financial hardship would cause Shanara to sell her future rights to 120 monthly payments from the million dollar settlement to another person. She sold this is exchange for an upfront lump sum settlement.

It is unclear if Kamiyah, known as Alexis Manigo, had any knowledge of the fund in her name. A JSO arrest warrant identifies a witness who said Manigo was told about her false identity a year and a half ago. JSO said her suspicions were sparked when she tried to apply for jobs and she ran into I.D. problems.

Colleton County, South Carolina court records show the teen received a ticket for driving without a license in March of 2016, just months before her eighteenth birthday.

First Coast News has not received a response to multiple attempts to reach Shanara since Jan. 13. Whether the fund for Kamiyah was paid to Shanara in 2016 or if it is still available to the 18 year old remains unknown.

A Jacksonville nightclub, called Vibe, hosted a celebration on Saturday night for the teen. Vibe said Kamiyah Mobley was present for the festivity.

The woman accused of kidnapping Mobley, Gloria Williams, remains in Duval County Jail on no bond. Williams is set to appear in court next on February 8, 2017.

Source: firstcoast.com

Date Posted: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 , Total Page Views: 6097

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