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Study: Illegal Immigrants Pay More Taxes Than Con Man Don

Study Illegal Immigrants Pay More Taxes Than Con Man Don
Date Posted: Monday, October 3rd, 2016

For years Republicans have been screaming about the “takers” in our society, which to them include minorities, the middle class, and immigrants, illegal or not.

But a recent expose in the New York Times shows that their candidate for President of the United States, Donald Trump, may have used his 1995 losses (which equate to almost $1 billion) to get out of 18 years of federal income tax payments. The self described “billionaire” (who knows if that’s even true), recently told the whole world that not paying taxes makes him smart. His surrogates, including Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, say he’s “brilliant” for avoiding his tax obligations for almost 20 years.

No, morons, it doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a freeloader and a con artist.

But besides from the glaring truth, one group in particular actually pays more in taxes than Donald Trump, and they’re the people he hates the most: illegal immigrants.

In our society, people seem to think immigrants (or “Mexicans,” as they blanket them), are coming into this country, sucking up our resources while paying absolutely nothing back to the society that they live in. Silly Republicans, that’s Donald Trump you’re thinking of.

According to a 2016 study from Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy showed that illegal immigrants pay upwards of $1.1 billion in personal income taxes (out of a grand total of $12 billion paid in taxes — including property, sales, other goods and services:

    Various studies have estimated between 50 and 75 percent of undocumented immigrants currently pay personal income taxes using either false social security (SSN) or individual tax identification (ITIN) numbers … Undocumented immigrants are currently ineligible to receive the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and state versions of the credit because they lack the legal authority to work in the U.S. Accordingly, the impact of state EITCs has been removed from the current personal income tax estimates. This has the effect of increasing the effective income tax rates paid by these undocumented taxpayers under current law.

Trump, who has made demonizing hardworking immigrants a staple in his twisted, divisive and racist campaign, literally (as far as we know until he releases his tax returns) pays less than illegal immigrants in personal income.

Let that sink in.

While these immigrants are paying for our troops, military, veterans, and social programs that keep millions out of poverty, Trump is skipping out — while simultaneously pretending to care about all these issues.

And of course his supporters are eating it up, and they campaign is neither confirming nor denying his cheating, slimy ways.

Bottom line, Donald Trump contributes less (or even nothing) to our military and future generations than the immigrants he wants to cruelly deport, and that should be enough to show the American people what a fraud and con artist he really is.


Source: AddictingInfo.org

Date Posted: Monday, October 3rd, 2016 , Total Page Views: 1593

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