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3 Held For Trail In Deadly Shooting Of Rapper Wiz Khalifa's Uncle

3 Held For Trail In Deadly Shooting Of Rapper Wiz Khalifa s Uncle
A witness who was inside the car when the uncle of rap recording artist Wiz Khalifa was fatally shot in January testified Friday at the preliminary hearing for three men charged in the death.

Michael Wolford, 20, of Braddock, 17-year-old Jaron Young, of Penn Hills, and 20-year-old Paul Sanders, of Wilkinsburg, were all held for trial on charges of homicide, robbery, conspiracy and other crimes.

Imani Porter, 20, of Point Breeze, Khalifa's younger uncle, was in the middle of selling eight bricks of heroin worth $1,800 when he was shot, according to the witness, Leevan Jefferson. The shooting happened in the Munhall parking lot of the Steak 'n Shake at The Waterfront.

Jefferson testified he was behind the wheel of his own parked car with Porter beside him in the front seat when it happened. He told District Judge Richard Olasz Jr. that Young and a man he did not know both drew guns while in the backseat of his car. Fearing for his life, Jefferson ducked and covered his head, he testified. He said he heard a gunshot, saw Porter shot in the head, and called 911.

Allegheny County Police Detective Daniel Mayer testified that defendant Wolford admitted to investigators that he was the one who fired the deadly shot. Mayer told the court Wolford admitted in his statement that he aimed his gun at Porter during the heroin deal, saying, "Let me get this one for free." Mayer testified Wolford claimed Porter tried to push the gun away and it went off.

"We cannot challenge the validity of that statement until we file a motion to suppress and, again, that will be one of the multiple things that we'll certainly look at," said Wolford's attorney, Thomas Farrell, after the hearing.

"Mr. Young was certainly in the vehicle. We're not conceding that he was involved in any kind of robbery, that he knew a robbery was going to take place, nor that he knew someone would be injured," said Randall McKinney, Young's defense attorney.

Attorney Ralph Karsh represented Paul Sanders, who police say drove Wolford and Young.

"He might have driven those individuals there, but there was no testimony as to how the individuals left the scene," said Karsh after the hearing.

All of the defendants were held for trial. Family and friends of Porter refused comment as they left the Municipal Courts Building in downtown Pittsburgh.

Source: wtae.com

Date Posted: Friday, June 19th, 2015 , Total Page Views: 929

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