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With Tidal in the crosshairs, Jay Z defends streaming service in a flurry of tweets....claiming smear campaign and pledging 'our actions will speak louder than words.'

Date Posted: Sunday, April 26th, 2015
With Tidal in the crosshairs Jay Z defends streaming service in a flurry of tweets claiming smear campaign and pledging our actions will speak louder than words
Jay Z came out fighting Sunday launching a stream of tweets defending his premium music streaming service Tidal.

His social media diatribe comes as reports claim Tidal is a flop and rumors swirl that it's being sabotaged by rivals.

'Our actions will speak louder than words,' the rapper and businessman tweeted.

'We may not be perfect - but we are determined.'

A month ago, some of the biggest names in music joined Jay Z for the launch of Tidal but the $19.99 a month subscription service is floundering in the app downloads charts.

The company's CEO was also recently fired.

But the rap mogul insisted on Twitter that Tidal is doing just fine.

'We have over 770,000 subs. We have been in business less than one month,' he tweeted, and included the hashtag #TidalFacts.

Tidal is co-owned by Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, Jack White, Alicia Keys and others.

In his Sunday stream of tweets, Jay Z stressed that the service pays a 75 percent royalty rate to all artists and not just the high profile founders who appeared on stage at the launch.

Other #TidalFacts he shared included that 'iTunes Store wasn't built in a day' and 'It took Spotify 9 years to be successful.'

Jay Z also went on the offensive about the Scandinavian tech and streaming company and Spotify rival that he paid $56 million for in January and relaunched in March.

'There are many big companies that are spending millions on a smear campaign. We are not anti-anyone, we are pro-artist & fan,' he tweeted.

He referenced Tidal X which 'supports artists by giving them a platform to connect with their most loyal fans. Tidal is for all.'

Canadian producer and performer Deadmaus5, who joined Jay Z on stage for the Tidal launch in New York, jumped on the bandwagon Sunday, tweeting his followers: 'despite whatever dumbs**t preconceptions you may or may not have about tidal, im still behind it. Im in it for industry growth, not PR. (sic).'

On Sunday Page Six claimed that there's a 'war' looming between Tidal and Apple.

Citing industry sources, the New York Post's gossip site alleged that tech giant Apple is trying to impede Tidal ahead of the scheduled relaunch in June of its own Beats Music by taking a long itme to approve iOS updates for the Tidal app.

In the same article, Page Six also alleged that Robert Kondrk, vice president of iTunes Content, has said any artists who put out exclusive music on Tidal won't be featured artists on iTunes.

The gossip site claimed that after Rihanna's song American Oxygen debuted on Tidal, there were technical problems with her music on iTunes.

Apple told Page Six that the allegations that Rihanna's songs were deliberately scrambled are not true.

The spokesperson declined to comment on the other claims made in the article, according to Page Six.

The article also reported that Sony Music will not grant Tidal a license to stream from Sony artists, one of whom is, of course, Jay Z's wife Beyonce.

A rep for Sony Music declined to comment to Page Six.

Several artists have publicly criticized the roll-out, saying that Jay Z made it seem as if some of the world's biggest musicians wanted more money.

'When they say it's artist-owned, it's owned by those rich, wealthy artists,' Marcus Mumford, the frontman of Mumford & Sons, said in a recent and widely-disseminated interview with The Daily Beast website.

Source: daily mail

Date Posted: Sunday, April 26th, 2015 , Total Page Views: 946

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