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'There is no physical attraction': Married At First Sight participant can't say 'I do' to the groom she met at the altar after admitting she is unimpressed by his appearance

 There is no physical attraction Married At First Sight participant can t say I do to the groom she met at the altar after admitting she is unimpressed by his appearance
A single woman who agreed to marry a complete stranger on last night’s season premiere of Married at First Sight was unable to utter 'I do' after she confessed that she was 'disappointed' by her future husband's physical appearance when she met him for the first time at the altar.

On last night's two-hour episode of the FYI-channel reality show, Ryan Ranellone, 29, happily agreed to marry 30-year-old Jaclyn Methuen, but the episode ended in a cliffhanger when she admitted she had doubts about her arranged marriage.

'I first see Ryan, my gut just says: "Oh man, like this is him?"' she said. 'The initial physical attraction really isn't there right now.’

She continued: 'When I saw him face-to-face, I felt a little disappointed. It just doesn't feel like this is the man who is my husband. I don't know if I can do this.'

But Ryan, a Long Island real estate agent, did not have any doubts when it came to his betrothed's appearance.

'Jaclyn walks in the room [and] I am a happy camper,' he said. 'I see what I like - dark hair, dark eyes, kind of a Mediterranean look. So right off the bat, I’m attracted to her.'

Before appearing on the show, Ryan had been single for eight months. After a string of long-distance relationships, he explained that he finally felt ready to settle down. His perfect wife? Loyal, honest, dedicated and family-oriented.

Meanwhile Jaclyn, a sales rep for Tito's Handmade Vodka from Union, New Jersey, had been single for the past seven years and admitted that she hadn't had###in two years.

She confessed that she hoped her new husband would be 'personable, secure and confident' - but fans will now have to wait till next week to see whether she will change her mind and decide that Ryan is the one for her.

Ryan and Jaclyn are just two of the six strangers who agreed to wed one another after finding themselves unlucky in love.

Over the course of several weeks, viewers will be able to watch as the couples go from wedding, to honeymoon, to 'early nesting', and then to the daily struggle of marriage.

Davina Kullar, 34, a biopharmaceutical sales rep from Manhattan's Upper East Side, and one of the show's 'singles', said she wanted to get married at first sight because she has 'dated so many different types of men' that she 'started to doubt whether I was even looking for the right qualities’.

‘I thought perhaps relinquishing a bit of control in this might be good,' she admitted.

And Jessica Castro, 30, a receptionist at a law firm in Manhattan, confessed that she is 'finally at a place in her life where she feels she is ready to settle down and get married,' after her fiance cheated on her.

She has been single for two years and explained that she wants a husband who is 'close with family (especially his mother), independent, strong work ethic, loving and affectionate'.

The grooms-to-be include Ryan DeNino, 29, from Staten Island. Mr DeNino, who owns his own consulting business, explained to the cameras that he has been single for one year after he and his girlfriend of five years broke up.

Why does he want to get married at first site? 'Knowing there were experts that would… get to know who I am, hopefully find me a match that would be compatible for me,' he said.

Meanwhile Sean Varricchio, 35, an ER/trauma nurse from Jackson, New Jersey was on the lookout for a wife who is 'athletic, intelligent, motivated and professional, with a good heart, and good family values'.

'I have a science background, I'm very analytical and I thought there's got to be something to this,' he said.

Source: Daily Mail

Date Posted: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 , Total Page Views: 1306

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