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New Revelations Indicate Tiffany Haddish Was Abused By Her Ex-Husband

New Revelations Indicate Tiffany Haddish Was Abused By Her Ex Husband

Home 9Honey NewsThere’s been a bit of ongoing confusion regarding the past of comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish, in particular, regarding her ex-husband William Stewart. At one point, Stewart called into V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith to flat out deny abusing Tiffany despite what she wrote in her book. Now, Bossip reports that a restraining order has been recently uncovered that proves that Stewart did abuse Haddish after all.

The Los Angeles Superior Court documents found by Radar Online were filed in July of 2011.

Haddish claimed Stewart attacked her in July 2010 in Montreal, where she was performing with fellow comedians.

“We were in Montreal, Canada, when he choked me in the stairway of the hotel,” Haddish alleged in the filing. “I ran away from him. I ran because he was trying to make me stay in the room. But I wanted to stay in the lobby and talk to my fellow comedians.” She also makes mention of another incident later that month where he choked her.

“He ran after me and took me down to the ground,” she claimed. ” I got free and then he got me again. I could not get out or yell for help because he was sitting on me.”

In June 2011, Haddish described another domestic violence dispute where she endured a “black eye, bruised neck, elbow, and back.”

When she was asked if any weapons were used in this incident, Haddish referred to Stewart’s “very strong hands.” She described bruises on her neck from the altercation.

In her book “The Last Black Unicorn” Haddish alleges that her husband physically abused her, at one point dragging her away from fellow comedians and another time abusing her into a miscarriage. On top of Stewart’s denial, Haddish’s own statement that some details may have been altered during the editing process of the book added more confusion to the story.

“I ain’t gon’ lie. Some stuff in the book is a little bit—I was like, ‘What?’” said Haddish. “I don’t know if when they edit, maybe they tweak things a little. So, then, in the audiobook, I’m like, ‘No, this is what it is.’” Normally, a lot of talk about what goes on in a book is good for sales, but when people start questioning if what they are reading is true, it may go otherwise. Hopefully, this doesn’t translate into a backlash against Haddish, seeing as her career is just now starting to hit its full swing.

Source: yourblackworld.net

Date Posted: Saturday, January 6th, 2018 , Total Page Views: 1017

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