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A Summary Of What We Know About Janet Jackson's Divorce

A Summary Of What We Know About Janet Jackson s Divorce

The icon has such a long list of hits under her belt that it’s no surprise that she is still putting on impressive world tours. The last one was surprisingly canceled, and Janet Jackson announced it was because she and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, are focusing on having a child.

Now, the couple is divorcing and there are several rumors as to why they’re splitting. So what exactly is going on between them? Here are 10 things we know about Janet Jackson’s divorce.

1. They first separated in January 2017

The singer split from her billionaire husband after five years of marriage. The couple recently welcomed their son, Eissa Al Mana on Jan. 3, 2017, then separated a little more than a week later. Before that, Jackson announced they were trying to start a family and therefore canceled her world tour.

Jackson could get up to $200 million due to the terms of their prenup, according to Page Six. Her personal net worth is reported to be $150 million. Family sources also revealed that she would be entitled to $100 million if they were married for at least five years and according to the New York Post, she would also get another $100 million if they had a child.

Many have questioned the motive behind the split because of the huge amount of money linked to the divorce. But multiple sources close to the divorcing couple have revealed that money probably has nothing to do with the separation.

Al Mana runs Al Mana Group, which specializes in luxury goods. This is Jackson’s third marriage.

2. A relative reportedly said the divorce is more about Jackson than money

According to Page Six, a relative came forward saying the divorce is happening for a reason other than money. “It looks like a money grab but it’s not about money,” a relative reportedly said. “She’s never in a relationship too long. Her longest was [musician] Rene [Elizonda] and that was for [nearly] 10 years [1991-2000]. Marriage doesn’t agree with her. She doesn’t agree with marriage.”

More recently, Janet Jackson’s brother Randy Jackson claimed that the reason for the breakdown of the marriage was due to how Al Mana was treating Janet. “It was quite an abusive situation,” Randy told People. “It came on later in the relationship, verbal abuse and being [made to feel like] a prisoner in her own home. No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a bitch everyday. There were things like that. That’s what she went through.”

3. The two have different views on marriage

The relative continued to tell Page Six, that the couple had very different views on how their marriage should work. “She loves to be in control,” the relative reportedly said. “She ceded that control [in marriage] and she was not happy about it. She wants to get back to being Janet Jackson and not Mrs. Wissam Al Mana or being the obedient Muslim wife.”

4. Al Mana might have pressured Jackson to change her lifestyle

Reports claim that Al Mana was controlling during Jackson’s pregnancy. According to Page Six, he tried to get her to live her life closer to Muslim customs. This supposedly included her avoiding being seen in public while nursing the baby.

5. The last straw was Al Mana’s reported indifference to Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse claims

Katherine Jackson accused her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson, of elder abuse early in 2017. Janet Jackson expected her husband to care about the family’s situation, but he reportedly was indifferent. “That’s when Janet made her decision that there was no turning back,” a family source told Page Six. “She was worried about her mother — and Wissam showed little to no concern.”

6. Jackson’s parents reportedly weren’t allowed to see Eissa

Al Mana’s relationship with Katherine and Joseph Jackson has reportedly been strained for some time. According to the National Enquirer, the grandparents weren’t allowed to see Eissa. A source claimed the father said they “were bad for the baby.” According to the National Enquirer “they’ve been told Wissam believes the family has done a poor job, and he’s even pointed out how out of control [Michael’s children] Prince and Paris are!”

7. Al Mana has moved out of their London home

The former couple has already begun moving forward with their separation, according to TMZ. On April 12, 2017 there were movers spotted taking things in boxes and suitcases out of their London home. So it doesn’t look like there is any turning back for these two.

8. Al Mana has still been visiting his son

The couple may be divorcing, but Al Mana is still very involved with Eissa. He was seen with the 3-month-old baby recently in a London park.

So although Jackson and Al Mana won’t be together anymore, they seem to be good at co-parenting. The details of how they will approach child custody have yet to be released.

9. Jackson’s creative director defended her against claims that she wants Al Mana’s money

Some reports have hinted that the singer has timed her divorce for a time when she can get the most money out of her ex. But her friend and creative director, Gil Duldulao defended her from these claims on Instagram saying, “Even if there was a possibility that my friend could make 500 mil off of having a child. It’s not in her character to want and or accept 500 mil. It’s character people and she is not the one.”

10. Al Mana posted a quote on his website after the split

The former couple has been pretty quiet throughout the breakup. But after the news of the split was released, Al Mana gave his own statement on his website. It looks like he is turning to his religion to deal with this tough time, because he posted a quote from the Quran.

Source: cheatsheet.com

Date Posted: Thursday, October 12th, 2017 , Total Page Views: 1298

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