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Usher's Mother Speaks Out On His Recent Troubles

Usher s Mother Speaks Out On His Recent Troubles

We told you previously that Usher’s wife, Grace Miguel, was confidently standing by him in the midst of all the accusations and lawsuits claiming the singer has herpes and knowing that he had the disease, had sex with individuals without informing them of his status. She happily celebrated the couple’s second wedding anniversary and quoted author Steve Maraboli by saying, “I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars.”

Someone also very close to Usher who is standing by him is, of course, his mother and former manager, Jonnetta Patton. Over the last few days, she’s written things here and there on social media in reference to her famous son’s career and Masterclass episode before coming out and saying that if she were still “in charge,” likely as his management, this whole situation wouldn’t have happened.

For the record, Miguel is Usher’s manager at this point in his career.


Eventually, Patton would go on to say that considering all of the work that it took to get Usher where he is now, she’s disappointed to see how things are playing out now.

“Feeling good tonight! If I were IN CHARGE this USHER drama would never have gone down…too much positive work went into making this MEGA STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she said. “I can’t stand by and watch this!!! I apologize to each and everyone of you!!!!!!!……too much for me!!!!!!!!!”

Followers of Patton offered up words of encouragement, which she was grateful for. After making her feelings known online, she thanked everyone for their support.

“Thank you all for your words of wisdom, encouragement and prayers yesterday!” Patton wrote. “I am a believer and I have faith in God that he shall have the victory.”

Who knows if down the line Usher will work with his mother again as his manager. It wouldn’t be the first time he went his own way only to return back to the tutelage of Patton.

In 2008, the singer parted ways with former star manager Benny Medina and brought his mother back on as his manager. This came after the two fell out and she stopped being his management when he became engaged to Tameka Foster. He married Foster in 2007. In 2009, he filed for divorce. By 2010, he dissolved his relationship with his mother as management yet again.

Coincidentally, in his Masterclass episode, which aired on OWN this past weekend, he spoke about his relationship with his mom and the true reason they finally called it a day on working together.

“We began to part our ways when I wanted to expand in other areas that I felt like she wasn’t necessarily considerate of. You know, why create this tension when I’m attempting to grow as a man?” he said. “I think I’ve spent so many years focusing on being an artist and being recognized as this talent; it ain’t about that no more. Now, it’s about who I am as a man, and I need [my mother] to be as supportive of me as a man. There’s a lot of love there. And there’s a lot of respect there for what her commitment has been and who she is as a woman.”

“We both decided that it would be better for us to sever our ties in business,” he continued. “It does bother me at times when I look to my right or my left and she ain’t there. Because I do miss her at least being there in the position of celebrating all of the hard work and time that had been put into this career. I appreciate her for her contribution. I appreciate her for her commitment and her being unwavering about what she felt I deserved, because it actually made me a lot stronger.”

Source: madamenoire.com

Date Posted: Thursday, September 28th, 2017 , Total Page Views: 1616

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