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WATCH: According To The Outlaws, Prior To His Death, Tupac Wanted To Reach Out To Biggie

WATCH According To The Outlaws Prior To His Death Tupac Wanted To Reach Out To Biggie

As the June 16 release of Tupac’s anticipated All Eyez on Me biopic nears closer and closer, more and more newly discovered details of Pac’s legacy before his death have materialized with it.

If there’s any people we can trust the validity of these details from, like his wish to squash rap music’s most epic rivalry, it would be the members of the 1995 hip-hop clique Outlawz, founded by the West Coast hip-hop icon himself.

E.D.I. Mean spoke to the revelation first during an appearance on Sway’s Universe, explaining that he was looking to call a truce with New York hip-hop legend and his East Coast rap rival Notorious B.I.G.

After the two had gotten their respective diss tracks and traded shots off of their chest, E.D.I. said Pac was ready to get back to their brotherhood and leave the tension in the past. Around the 19:25 mark, E.D.I. defends Pac, reminding those criticizing the then-25-year-old rapper’s behavior that it took a personal relationship to really understand who he was — not just his music or the media’s take on him.

“Like I was speaking about with [Young Noble] yesterday, we gotta tell people that one of the last things Pac told us was like, ‘Yo, this s**t with Biggie is over,” E.D.I. revealed. “'I’m done with it. I’m wiping my hands with it. After Makaveli, I ain’t even speaking it on that no more. Because at the end of the day, Big is my brother.’ He actually said that.”

Young Noble followed-up E.D.I.’s recollection, adding that Pac even wanted to reunite hip-hop’s West Coast and East Coast as the group readied their One Nation album. Brooklyn’s rap supergroup Boot Camp Clik and Greg Nice of Bronx’s hip-hop duo Nice & Smooth were among the first to jump on board with the reunification, Noble said.

“He was gonna bring everybody — he was gonna bring Nas out. He was gonna go crazy and really bring everything together. He didn’t like the way ‘Hit Em’ Up’ and different things started the s**t. But how the media made it East Coast [versus] West Coast — he hated it. He was going to put an end to it.”

When Sway questioned whether these were actual words from Pac’s mouth, E.D.I. continued saying that Pac said Biggie was his brother and that the beef was never intended to persist as long as it did at the time.

Watch the video below:

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Date Posted: Friday, June 9th, 2017 , Total Page Views: 1198

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