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Has Diddy Lost His Mind?

Has Diddy Lost His Mind

Diddy might’a done lost his damn mind!

The Bad Boy CEO has recently caused a bit of a frenzy in a recent interview after allegedly sounding like he was on the fence about choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He refers to Trump as “a friend of mine.”

If this is true, that would make Puff to be the highest profiled celebrity that would support the Republican candidate, joining coons like Stacey Dash, Scott Baio and Omarosa.

At the launch of his new Sean John cologne at the Macy’s store in New York City, Diddy was heard telling reporters that he “always liked Donald’s style.” He continued, “I do have a tie he gifted me. I wear it.”

Then he dropped the bombshell: “As far as voting for him, that has yet to be seen.”

We can only be hopeful that Diddy, who has a major record when it comes to speaking on black issues, was being sarcastic when attempting to make that comment. However, it can’t be ignored that the CEO of Bad Boy Ent. and Trump have a very long history of what they would call “friendship.”

Just a year ago, he’d told the Washington Post of Trump, “Donald Trump is a friend of mine, and he works very hard.”

We’ll be looking out to see who he endorses in the end. But, what are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think that the two of them are in cahoots together? Or is Diddy just trippin’?

Source: NaturallyMOI.com

Date Posted: Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 , Total Page Views: 763

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