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Update: Suge Knight charged with MURDERING his friend

Update Suge Knight charged with MURDERING his friend
Suge Knight has been charged with murdering his friend and another man in a hit-and-run.

It comes after police received a video tape which purports to show the 49-year-old co-founder of hip-hop label Death Row Records driving his SUV over friend Terry Carter and alleged rival Cle 'Bone' Sloan outside a Compton burger shop.

He was also charged with attempted premeditated murder, hit and run resulting in death, and hit and run resulting in injury, according to TMZ.

Before charges were filed on Monday night, Knight had his bail revoked due to fears he would 'intimidate witnesses'.

Knight, who has served time in prison for violating terms of past sentences, was being held on more than $2 million after two people died a burger shop in Compton, south of downtown Los Angeles.

But due to California's three-strike rule, his criminal past means Knight is not eligible, according to Sheriff's Deputy Amber Smith.

Knight's attorney has said the 49-year-old rap legend is an innocent victim who accidentally ran over the men as he tried to escape a vicious attack.

James Blatt said Suge Knight, real name Marion Hugh Knight Jr, was called to Tam's Burgers in Compton for a meeting and was attacked by four people as he slowed his truck.

The men beat him through his window, tried to pull him outside, and threatened to kill him.

After the attack Knight was so 'discombobulated' when escaping the scene that he was unaware that he hit anyone, according to TMZ.

Blatt boasted last week that the rap mogul was innocent of homicide and that surveillance footage would prove it.

But it has now been revealed that the CCTV camera trained at the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant where Knight allegedly ran over two men, killing one, last Thursday was not working the night in question.

The owner of Tam's Burger in Compton, California confirmed the security camera was broken in an interview with TMZ.

It actually appears that no security cameras in the area captured the scene, though the parking lot is bordered by a Wells Fargo, Louisiana Fried Chicken and Rite Aid.

Law enforcement sources also told TMZ that they are hoping someone filmed the fight on their cell phone footage, though they previously said in statements that they already had video evidence of the killing.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Nicole Nishida previously said that detectives were reviewing a video, but 'they have made no such arrangements with' Knight's attorney nor did they plan to show it to him.

Meanwhile, Knight remained jailed on suspicion of murder after turning himself in early Friday.

Sheriff's deputies said Knight hit and killed his friend Terry Carter, 55, with his pickup truck Thursday in the parking lot of a Compton fast-food restaurant, also injuring Cle 'Bone' Sloan, 51, an actor and film consultant who was hospitalized and in stable condition late Friday.

The incident was the latest in a long line of brushes with death and the law for the 49-year-old founder of Death Row Records, one of the genre's leading labels.

Knight started the label that helped solidify West Coast rap with Dr. Dre, who had been a member of the legendary group N.W.A. The label also launched the career of Snoop Dogg and had Tupac Shakur in the last months of his life.

The fatal run-in occurred a short while after Knight was told by deputies providing security to leave a film location after arguing with Sloan, who was working on the set, during a break from filming a promotional video for the biopic "Straight Outta Compton" about the rise of N.W.A.

The argument resumed and escalated a short while later at a fast-food restaurant a few miles away, with Knight and Sloan exchanging punches through his open window, sheriff's Lt. John Corina said.

'Then he puts the truck in drive, drives forward, running over him, and then keeps going forward and keeps on driving, and runs over Carter, who is standing in the parking lot, and keeps on going after that,' Corina said.

He said witnesses told investigators it looked like an intentional act.

Authorities said they do not believe Carter was involved in the altercation.

The incident came less than six months after Knight was shot six times at a West Hollywood nightclub in August — the second shooting he's survived. No arrests have been made.

At 6-foot-4 and weighing 325 pounds, Knight has a reputation as an imposing figure that is credited, in part, with helping create Death Row Records when he strong-armed another label to release Dr. Dre from his contract, said Chuck Creekmur, CEO of allhiphop.com.

Knight was at the center of one of the most notorious rap conflicts of the 1990s, pitting Tupac Shakur against Biggie Smalls in an East Coast-versus-West Coast rivalry.

Knight was sent to prison for nearly five years for badly beating a rival with Shakur at a Las Vegas hotel, just hours before Shakur was fatally shot while riding in Knight's car just east of the Strip.

Smalls, whose real name was Chris Wallace, was shot to death in a similar attack six months later.

Knight and Dre later had a falling out, and Dre left. The record company eventually declared bankruptcy and was auctioned off.

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, another former N.W.A. member, were at the film location Thursday, but they didn't see Knight.

In November, Knight pleaded not guilty to a robbery charge filed after a celebrity photographer accused him of stealing her camera in Beverly Hills. Because of prior convictions, he could face up to 30 years in prison.

Source: DailyMail.com

Date Posted: Monday, February 2nd, 2015 , Total Page Views: 766

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