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Silly: Drake And Funkmaster Flex Battle Over Nonsense

Date Posted: Monday, August 8th, 2016
Silly Drake And Funkmaster Flex Battle Over Nonsense

As promised, Funk Flex got on air and told a few more stories about Drake in response to the Canadian’s recent diss during his first Madison Square Garden show. In case you missed it, Drizzy told the crowd, “You see, they tellin’ lies on Hot 97, that’s how it goes / I told ‘em fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come and do your show.” This came about an year after Flex played a major role in his feud with Meek Mill, playing the infamous reference tracks for “R.I.C.O.” and more on his radio show.

During his rant, Flex claimed Drake’s OVO Sound team itself gave the tracks away to cover for Drizzy after Meek Mill’s team pressed over the lyrics of the song. Meek Milly thought perhaps he was throwing shots at him on his own song in regards to his relationship with Nicki Minaj, when it was really Quentin Miller who penned his verse.

“[Drake] lays the [R.I.C.O] verse on the song, he gets pressed [by Meek’s camp] and questions his team,” he says. “[OVO] punk-panics and gives up the reference track to say, ‘Whoa! He didn’t write it. This guy wrote it!’ In a panic mode, because [Drake] doesn’t want to get pressed, that reference track floats up. But then that same dude has a few more. Now it’s out of control. In reality, you coughed up the reference track to not get pressed [by Meek’s camp].”

Flex also told the MSG headliner that “70 percent of your fans wear high heels. The other 30% are guys who wear sandals.” The sandal slight was reiterated throughout the night, with diminishing returns each time. He even called Drake Sandal Man.

It didn’t take Drake too long to respond to Funkmaster Flex’s shots last night on Hot 97. Last night, he made his way to Space Ibiza club in New York City following his sold out concert at Madison Square Garden and he made use of the opportunity to answer Funk Flex. Well, sort of.

Drake took the stage at start of the night and told the crowd how he loves NYC but maybe not that DJ who plays prime time from 7 to 9 o’clock “talking all that bullshit.”

“I don’t mean going and playing the songs like four weeks late and shit, trying to sound cool, late night, prime time on the radio 7 to 9 o’clock, talking all that bullshit,” he told the audience.

Source: hiphopoverload.com

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