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Tamar Braxton Gives Her Side Of The Story On Being Fired From 'The Real'

Tamar Braxton Gives Her Side Of The Story On Being Fired From The Real

After weeks of confusion following the sudden firing of Tamar Braxton from “The Real,” the “Love & War” singer opened up about being let go from the day time talk show on the Steve Harvey Morning Show today.

Tamar explained her husband Vince called producers to discuss “glam for Essence Festival,” when he was informed Tamar had been fired.

“Oh I’ve been meaning to call you,” Tamar said a producer told Vince over the phone. “We’re not going to have her back for the panel,” they said.

Tamar said she was in her glam room when the call took place and came out to visually disturbed Vince.

“He just looked distraught and confused,” she explained. “He was just like, I think you got fired.”

Tamar was shocked. “My heart sunk into my shoes. I pretty much fell over. I loved going to work.”

Tamar says she wasn’t given a reason why she was let go. Steve Harvey asked if there was any controversy leading up to the event.

“God, no.” she responded. “You know when you love your job? There are no issues. You’re not complaining about much. You’re not fighting with anybody. Me and the girls got along, so I thought. We were on hiatus for about three weeks. For this to come out of the blue was just astonishing.”

While Tamar says there were no negotiation issues, nor was she a headache on set, fans aren’t necessarily buying her story.

An extended clip of “Braxton Family Values,” released moments ago, paints a different picture. In the clip, Tamar breaks the news to her sister Toni and says producers told her,

“Vince told me that she told him, that I didn’t get along with the cast mates,” to which Toni responded, “the girls from the show were just here.”

“People are telling me that I don’t get along with my friends, or are they my friends? I don’t know. And I don’t get along with production. I am stunned,” she added.


Source: hellobeautiful.com

Date Posted: Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 , Total Page Views: 953

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