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Lil Wayne Spoils His Daughter With A Third Car--And She's Only 17

Lil Wayne Spoils His Daughter With A Third Car And She s Only 17

Lil’ Wayne’s daughter is pretty much the epitome of rap royalty. We all remember last year when she had her super sweet sixteen birthday bash, which won her a set of luxury vehicles.

Stunting like her daddy, Reginae has recently received a brand new 2016 Range Rover for her 17th birthday, which is valued at $80,000 after the purchase of all of the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Just to give you a recap of her last birthday, her dad made it clear that she doesn’t have a budget and Reginae began to plan the festivities from there.

Allowed to spend whatever she needed to get whatever she wanted, the party was well-over a whopping $500,000.

“That’s what it is, you can have whatever you want,” Lil Wayne tells Reginae via FaceTime. “I hope you enjoy it. You deserve it.”

Reginae’s mother gave a budget of $250,000, but after four costume changes, backup dancers for her performance, choosing a $20,000 venue, food, drinks, and the lavish surprise performance from Nicki Minaj, the extravaganza was clearly way over budget.

Raplcing her “drama with diamonds,” Reginae went on a jewelry shopping spree with Baby, the CEO of Cash Money Records, and received a brand new Rolex watch as a gift.

To close off the evening Reginae ran outside with all of her friends to wait for the biggest surprise of the night, her new car.

“Daddy, where’s the car?” she asked Lil Wayne.

“They said my card didn’t go through baby,” he said as he laughed.

Cameras showed Reginae getting super excited as she saw a red BMW roll out from around a corner, but once a black and white Ferrari hit the street, the poor girl just about hit the floor in blissful happiness!

The price for this banging’ Sweet 16 wasn’t revealed, but considering the brand new Ferrari she was gifted with by her father and so much more, this party had to have been well over $500,000.

Wonder what they are going to plan for her 18th birthday? You can only go up from there.

Source: naturallymoi.com

Date Posted: Saturday, December 5th, 2015 , Total Page Views: 857

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