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Celebrities Who Are Arrogant Towards Their Fans

Celebrities Who Are Arrogant Towards Their Fans
When you’re rich and famous, it’s not hard to lose sight of the little people. While it can’t be easy to be the center of attention, celebrities have the choice to either be cool about their fans’ overzealous adulation or to be a total celebri-jerk about it. Here are some celebrities who, allegedly, have done some pretty terrible things to us pathetic, regular people.


According to legend, The King of Queens is a bit of a drama queen himself. Unconfirmed but corroborated reports from those who have encountered him in the wild say that James often refuses to speak to “the help”, once berating a waitress who asked him for his order directly rather than passing it through his assistants. The Mall Cop star allegedly sends his personal crew into stores before him to announce that no one should make eye contact with James, because apparently, Paul Blart is bigger than Jesus. Only if you’re taking butt volume into account, Kevin.


In 2014, Rihanna posted a frowny face on Twitter and linked to a picture of a 16-year-old fan’s prom dress, which was similar to a Wile E. Coyote-inspired costume Rihanna wore to an awards show a few years earlier. Rihanna went on to tweet, “The Dark Thot Rises” in response to the bat-like unitard, and shared the bullying image with 35 million people, alienating countless fans, and completely ruining one fan’s prom memories. We had to look up “thot,” and it’s not nice.


Bale has been caught berating crew members on set and was arrested for freaking out at family members during a press tour, so his anger issues are common knowledge. However, Bale’s former PR agent came out with allegations that the actor’s behavior towards fans is even worse, recounting an instance in which Bale berated little girls to tears after they’d asked him for an autograph, and another event that involved Bale faxing a fan an elaborate death threat involving a screwdriver. Bale was never charged for the threat, nor his crimes against Batman’s voice.


The legends of Jordan’s rudeness and competitiveness are legion, but none stand out more than when rapper Chamillionaire asked Jordan for a photograph. The no-longer-relevant Jordan insisted that Chamillionaire purchase a $15k jersey from him instead, which Chamillionaire declined. Jordan’s noteworthy arrogance even extended to his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, which he turned into an ungrateful 23-minute roast of everyone who didn’t kiss his butt.


Despite her legacy of down-to-Earth 30-minute meals, Ray is known to be a diva on and off set. Hundreds of audience members at her shows have remarked that she’s an angry, cold, and unwelcoming host when the cameras are off. During one of her tours, Ray allegedly had it out with a hotel concierge, stating, “I need stupid people not to talk to me.” Lucky for us, her 30 minutes of fame are just about over. Suck on that EVOO, Ray.


For a bass player who dresses like a clown, Gene Simmons has a very high opinion of himself. In a recent interview, Simmons began to expound on why he hated his former bandmates, and meandered onto the dangerous topic of suicide. The Demon stated that people with suicidal thoughts should put up or shut up, prompting multiple radio stations to completely stop playing his music. Once he was hit in the wallet, Simmons apologized.


Allegedly one of the biggest jerks in the known universe, Seinfeld stories have circulated among ex-fans for years, making it seem like Superman’s biggest fan couldn’t be less of a super man. One former fan reported that Seinfeld allegedly walked up to him and his basketball team in a Hyatt hotel, and without provocation, called them dumb jocks. Seinfeld then slammed his breakfast plate on the concierge desk, demanding his eggs be cooked again. Serenity now.


Teen pop starlet Ariana Grande managed to not only alienate most of her fans, but an entire country when she stated “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Her statement, as well as an egregious act of defiling food on display, was caught on a security camera in a donut shop. After cancelling performances in the wake of the scandal, Grande apologized and explained that her anti-American statement was some kind of bizarre anti-consumerism rant. Her net worth of $16 million remains unchanged, except for the cost of those highly offensive, consumerist donuts. Shame on them.


The continued fame of the Biebs is one of humanity’s cruelest jokes, and partially a product of the fading star’s ongoing cycle of bad behavior and apologies. There are numerous reports and videos of Justin losing his cool with fans, and even one especially disgusting photo of him allegedly spitting on a gathering of True Beliebers from his apartment balcony in Toronto. If the Biebs wanted self-aware fans, maybe he shouldn’t have targeted underage girls. They’re not exactly known for their restraint, Justin.


With almost 2 million fans on Facebook and one acne cream commercial that won’t stop playing, Tinashe is this week’s manufactured mini-star. She recently took issue with her fans for just enjoying her music on the radio or following her on social media, instead of actually turning their wallets inside out for her. Posting a rant on Snapchat, the singer informed the world that anyone who isn’t actively giving her money just isn’t a “true fan,” almost guaranteeing that she alienated most of her young fans anyhow.


When he’s not busting ghosts, he’s breaking hearts. While it would seem unlikely that the affable comedian is a mean guy, comedy legend and vodka baron Dan Aykroyd has been rated one of MeanStars.com’s most, well, mean stars. It’s alleged that Aykroyd regularly surrounds himself with “goons,” and demands special treatment at restaurants and movie theaters. Even back in 2004, MSNBC caught Aykroyd berating Americans for “consumerism” during an interview. Guess we shouldn’t be buying those Ray Stantz action figures.


Malcolm Jamal-Warner seems to enjoy carrying his days on The Cosby Show around with him, since he hasn’t really done anything notable since he was Theo Huxtable. Barely recognizable without his youthful charm, Malcolm is known to decline signing autographs under the premise that if he signs one, he’ll have to sign hundreds, as though there are more than three avid Theo Huxtable fans in any given ten mile radius. He’s also allegedly pulled a page out of Kevin James’ manual of bad behavior by only communicating his orders to lowly waitresses through his assistants.


The bizarre child-star Shia almost gets a pass, since he’s proven time and again that he’s probably mentally ill. But when a madman informs fans that he “could get them killed,” that’s a few steps over the line into blatantly illegal territory. The reports of LaBeouf's bizarre interactions with fans are too many to count, but they include many inebriated fights with anyone and everyone within arm’s reach. Mostly, though, fans just wish he’d take some time for himself and find wherever he lost his mind. Try under the couch.


Meryl Streep’s ice-queen casting in The Devil Wear Prada required absolutely no acting, according to multiple accounts of her off-screen frigidity and indifference to her fans. While she might be a household name, Streep’s off-screen reputation is so terrible in her town that her neighbors have taken to calling her “Nasty Lady.” That's mostly because of her penchant for cutting in line at the grocery store, and an especially memorable event during which she was somehow allowed to close down a public road so that work could be done on her multi-million dollar property.


Julia Roberts’ feud with her half-sister, and the subsequent bizarre eulogy delivered by Roberts after her said sister's suicide, were all over the news. But Roberts’ more private interactions with those around her seem equally fraught with difficulty. According to reports, Roberts has no problem being catty in public, especially to film and theater critics who have written anything less than glowing about her. Fans have described her as having severe mood swings, so that may account for some of her alleged rudeness, but overall, America’s sweetheart doesn’t seem all that sweet.

Source: loop.com

Date Posted: Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 , Total Page Views: 1817

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