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A Hot Mess: Lil Romeo's Mother Is Suing Him As Part Of Her Divorce Case

A Hot Mess Lil Romeo s Mother Is Suing Him As Part Of Her Divorce Case
The divorce of Master P and Sonya Miller is turning out to be one of the messiest divorces in Hollywood. Why? Because Miller has kicked it up a few notches and is suing their son, Romeo.

Miller claims that Romeo is working with his father in an effort to hide assets from the courts, thus making it appear that Master P has far less money than he says he does. Right now, she is seeking $67 million from the divorce.

TMZ reveals that Miller brought up the record label, No Limit Forever, in the divorce hearings. No Limit Forever was founded by Master P in 2010 with his son, Romeo. Now, Miller is claiming it is the same label that she and Master P created together during the 90s. The biggest difference between the two labels is that she cannot touch any money that comes from No Limit Forever.

Miller also claims that all of the profits from the show Master P’s Family Empire, which earned a total near $750k, was given to Romeo when he was added to the payroll.

Although Miller isn’t accusing her son of deliberately helping his father hide money from Miller, it is suggested that Romeo is an “unwitting pawn.”

The claims made by both parties have been pretty extreme in the past, thanks to the he said/she said nonsense. It began with Miller claiming to be on welfare, Master P insisted that Miller was on drugs, to which Miller rebutted by saying that Master P abducted their children.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Miller claims Master P has 31 properties, 13 cars, and 45 companies, which she estimates to be worth a total of $178,743,300. Miller wants 40% of all that Master P owns.

While Miller thinks she is owed the money after being married to Master P for 24 years, her son, Romeo feels otherwise: “If she’s a better parent, she can have everything. She gets everything regardless.” Apparently, Miller lives with Romeo and Master P already pays for everything.

Source: thereelnetwork.com

Date Posted: Sunday, October 25th, 2015 , Total Page Views: 1625

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